How to Create Sticker Pack for Telegram?

Telegram is getting more popular and more users are tending to set it as their default messaging app because of its great features. Today we are going to show you how to create sticker pack for Telegram

, so you can add more emotions to your conversations, while using the Telegram on your Android/iOS/Windows Phone device.See Also: Telegram Tips and Tricks

  • Being creative
  • Activating the Telegram’s web version on your desktop PC
  • Having a photo editing tool installed on your PC to create images for stickers or resize them. (we used Photoshop CC for this purpose)
  • And still being creative and patient

Creating or Editing the images to be used as the stickers for Telegram:

The images you want to use as the stickers of your Sticker Pack for Telegram, are required to follow these criteria:

If you are a designer, then you should not have difficulty creating your images for stickers, but if you are new to this stuff we recommend you to do as follows to get suitable and cool images for your Sticker Pack:1. Know exactly the topic of your Stickers. Are they going to be based on a cartoon characters, funny images, movie characters, celebrities or what2. After that start using the Google Search Image tool to find the suitable images for your Sticker Pack.3. Say, we are going to create a Sticker Pack for Telegram based on the Leonardo DiCaprio character. (Important Note: Your images Must not be intellectual property of)4. What you should search is: Leonardo DiCaprio PNG Transparent. The search result will be all the Leo’s images which have Transparent background. (We used the PNG to get better results)5. Now we have different pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio with different styles and emotions, and since they have a transparent background our job gets extremely easy

Now open the Photoshop on your desktop PC to do the final changes:


It’s all done and you just need to add a cool text above the image and your first sticker is ready. Use a suitable font, color font and a good aligning too.

Now, save your sticker in PNG format and head back to create you next sticker for your Sticker Pack. Once you have finished creating your images, go to the next step.

First of all, make sure you have already activated your Telegram account in your desktop browser. Otherwise do as follows to activate it:

2. Provide your country name, as well as your phone number which has been used for your Telegram account

You are all set.

Now, let’s start chatting with the Sticker bot and let it know, we are going to create a new sticker pack for Telegram.

2. Send the /start to the Stickers Bot, and the Bot responds you with the acceptable commands.


4. Choose a name for your pack

6. Send your first sticker’s file, clicking the Send File icon (). This is the PNG file we created in the previous section.

8. Now, do these steps (sending another emoji and then its related sticker) until you have upload all your stickers.

10. Provide the StickerPack name. This name is used to create the URL for your sticker. For example, I chose this name: LeoCoolSticker.

You may share this URL with friends, so they can use your Sticker Pack in their chats.Update: here some quick tips about how to completely delete a sticker pack from Telegram, how to add or remove a sticker from a specific sticker pack.1. How to delete a sticker from a specific sticker pack?Open the @Stickers chat, type the /delsticker command and finally send the sticker you want to delete2. How to add a sticker to an already existed sticker pack?Open the @Stickers chat, type the /addsticker command and add your new sticker to your pack. (Remember? first send the emoji and then send the sticker)Note1: by default the sticker will be added to your last created sticker pack. If you already have created more than one sticker pack, you need to send this command: /addsticker and replace the MyPack with your Sticker Pack Name.Note2: Adding your new sticker to a current pack may take a few minutes. So, don’t worry if your sticker is not shown right after you added it to the pack. You have done everything right and you just need to wait.3. How to completely remove a sticker pack from Telegram?Well, at the moment this action is not possible. But you can easily delete and remove all the stickers of a specific pack, one by one.4. How to rename a sticker pack?The name of a Sticker Pack cannot be changed, once it is created. 5. How to assign a different emoji to a sticker?When you are creating a sticker pack, you get to assign an emoji to each sticker. To change the emoji assigned to a specific sticker, simply remove that sticker from the pack and then add it again with the new emoji. Since your new sticker will be added to the end of the list, you can  use the /ordersticker command, to get the sticker back to its place.

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