How to create and where to find stickers on Telegram

The stickers on Telegram are one of the many appealing features of this application that are trying gradually to “steal” users to the best-known competitor WhatsApp. The latter, for example, has recently introduced the support to gif but not yet involves the use of stickers, which among other things are always supplied a much appreciated on Snapchat and more recently also on Instagram. In short, the stickers like, particularly for users younger and very young, and from this Telegram point of view allows you to make it a truly original and massive use. Let’s see how.

Where to find stickers on Telegram

To to add a sticker on Telegram just click the right icon that appears in the white bar of writing the text of the message and then click on the sticker you wish to send. To scroll through the set that we have available, just slide the bar with your finger.

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If we do not have stickers about the application or want add new just click that appears at the left of the screen icon flame, choose the set of stickers that we want download and add to the app, then click Add. If we receive one from another user sticker, and this is not part of our collection, we can download it by clicking on it.

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How to create stickers of Telegram

If we want to try to create stickers of Telegram a solution available to us is bot @stickers (to look for him go to New Message, and then type stickers on Search contacts or username). Now click on Start and type in the bar / Newpack and follow the directions provided to us.

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Where to download stickers for Telegram

Finally, if we want to add packages of stickers already specifically created to Telegram, online resources are truly many. You just have to type on the smartphone browser to choose the package that interests you and then click use the telegram shown at the bottom and it does open the app to download the set of stickers. Same for

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