How to Create a Sticker Pack for Telegram?

Telegram is a new messaging app that is gaining popularity rapidly. It is preferred by most people over other messaging apps due to its high level of encryption. But besides its more technological features, Telegram offers a variety of stickers to add a zing to your chats. We have received a lot of emails’ asking how to create a sticker pack for Telegram and today we are gonna explain how to create your first sticker pack using your mobile device or from your PC.

To create your own Telegram sticker pack, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1:  Add the stickers Telegram contact. To do To do this, simply click here (@stickers) A chat window will open with this Bot, which will allow you to create your own stickers.

Step 2: Send the message to Stickers Bot

The first thing to tell Stickers Bot is that you want to create a new Telegram stickers pack. To do this, you simply send the message: /newpack

Step 3: Choose the name for your pack.

You are asked for the name of the stickers pack. So you have to send a message with the chosen name for your pack.

Step 4: Choose the sticker.

Then the bot is going to ask you to send the emojis you’ll use for the first of the stickers. Now you can send an emoji that is going to be linked to a single sticker. You can list several emoji in one message, but the bot recommends using no more than two per sticker.

Step 5: Send the image file

Then send the sticker you want to use for such emoji. To do this, you have to select our PNG file, and drag it to the Telegram window, and drop it in the part that says “Without Compression”. Remember that the format of the stickers should be 512 × 512 and also the format must be in PNG with a transparent background.

Now you have your first sticker added to the pack. Keep adding the stickers you want. Once your pack is completed, simply send the message: /publish. The bot will ask for a short name for the pack, ( no spaces ), wich is needed for the link to add the pack and then you will have your own set of stickers.

As you have seen, this process is really simple. We highly recommend creating a Telegram sticker packs using your desktop version for MAC/Windows because uploading the .png file from mobile can be difficult in some cases.

Once created your own Telegram sticker pack, share it with your friends and if you wish, send your sticker pack to us, so we can publish it!

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