How to Add Stickers to Telegram on Android

The new Telegram update brings the stickers to chats and groups. To add stickers to Telegram on Android devices you have 3 options: Create your own pack, use the link from existing stickers pack, or add it from a sticker already sent to you:

**Before getting started, make sure you are running the latest version of Telegram 

on your Android phone/tablet

1. Create your own pack: Tap the create button on the bottom, use the search box and search: Stickers. Send a Hi, and the bot will automatically send you the instructions

2. Use the link: In this method, you need to have the proper link to a sticker pack. Once you have the Link, tap to open it (If asked, tap to open in the Telegram app, not the browser), The in the pop-up window the stickers will show and you just need to tap the Add Stickers option

3. From a sticker: If a friend has already sent you a sticker and you want to add that sticker pack to your collection, you just need to tap that specific sticker, and then touch the Add to Stickers option

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