How to add chats on Telegram to the desktop

Telegram tutorial

If you want to add shortcuts for chats Telegram to the desktop it is already possible with the latest update, which also allows us to edit messages (up to 2 days after sending them) and it is great. In this tutorial we are going to tell you how to do it, but you’ll breakthrough that you need to have Telegram updated for you to see this option.

The guys from Telegram lately don’t stop adding new options. This option is not new really because we’ve seen it in many apps, but yes, it is convenient to have the chat rooms on hand on the desktop. Here’s what to do:

añadir chats de telegram al escritorio

Add chats on Telegram to the desktop

In the above image, we see the possibility of add chats on Telegram to the desktop. The only thing we need to do to add the shortcut, it is to open the chat on a contact > click on the name > and get to the window that we see in the middle where is the information on contact > 3 dots > Add shortcut.

we will Not have to do anything more than the above to view the contact on the desktop. Obviously, you can then move it to the place you want on the desktop and even create a folder with several shortcuts to your chats in Telegram. By simply grouping on top of each other. For each contact you want to add to the desktop we will have to do this, but surely that just quickly.

Remember to update Telegram

An interesting novelty and comfortable to have the chat on hand with this option of the shortcuts for the chat Telegram to the desktop. Remember that if you do not appear is because you have not updated, if you have automatic updates enabled and you’re on Wi-Fi, then you probably already have this option, in addition to having received the message from Telegram with the new changes.

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