How to activate voice communication in Telegram

After several testing in the popular Telegram messenger has made voice communication, since yesterday the opportunity to make calls is available on iOS and Android devices.To a new feature appear on your smartphone or tablet, you need to update the client to the latest version 3.18. What else you need to do – read under the cut The voice communication in Telegram, like text messages, is encrypted on the principle of end-to-end.What way to check if encryption works in your client, also read below.

To activate the voice connection, you need to update to the current version 3.18.0, then find the user who has the call function Already activated – and ask him to call you at Telegram. After that, the Call item appears in the upper right drop-down menu of the messenger. In order to make sure of 100% security, you and your interlocutor should only compare four emoticons during a conversation. No long codes or complex pictures.

Telegram developers promise high quality of communication, you can opt out of settings if you need to call specific users or completely disable the option.

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