How-To: Send messages to Telegram from C#

TLSharp Rocks!

Note: Dear readers, if you want JavaScript library for Telegram API leave your email here. The latest docs you can find at Also, I wrote a simple GUI to send Telegram messages feel free to download and use it.

C# is highly developed language with tons of libraries, but there is no library for working with Telegram API. To change this situation I developed TLSharp – small library to work with Telegram API.

Before diving into techincal details, I want to notice that in the article will be used Telegram API not Telegram Bot API. What’s the difference? Ok, Telegram Bot API is API for creating bots, so it’s very limited. For example, you can’t send messages directly with Telegram Bot API. Telegram API have no such limitations, it’s widely used in all official Telegram clients.

With this in mind, let’s start!

Creating session

Firstly we need to initialize library and create session storage

Than connect to server

Finally, we can create session. Code below will do it for you:

Parameters that we have used:

  • phoneNumber – your phone number in international format (e.g. 79184981723)
  • code – code that you received from Telegram, after SendCodeRequest method was executed

Sending messages

Let’s import contact by phone number or username

and send messages

I tried to make library interface as simple as possible. For example, to send media file you need to execute next code:

For now in library implemented only basic methods. Source code isn’t ready for production, that’s why I didn’t create NuGet package. To use TLSharp in your project:

  1. Copy source code from GitHub
  2. Compile it in VS 2015
  3. Add reference to TLSharp.Core.dll

GitHub repository:

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