A Ruby wrapper that communicates with the Telegram-CLI.



  • You need to install the Telegram-CLI version 1.3.0 or higher first.


In order to use the telegram-rb you will need to install the gem (either manually or using Bundler), and require the library in your Ruby application:

or in your Gemfile:


The library uses EventMachine, so the logic is wrapped in


You can check documentation from here!

My goal is to have the code fully documentated for the project, so developers can use this library easily!

Coverage (TODO)

  • [ ] Messaging/Multimedia
    • [x] Send typing signal to specific user or chat
    • [x] Send a message to specific user or chat
    • [x] Send an image to specific user or chat
    • [x] Send a video to specific user or chat
    • [x] Mark as read all received messages
    • [ ] Download an image of someone sent
    • [ ] Forward a message to specific user
    • [ ] Set profile picture
  • [ ] Group chat options
    • [x] Add a user to the group
    • [x] Remove a user from the group
    • [x] Leave from the group
    • [x] Create a new group chat
    • [ ] Set group chat photo
    • [ ] Rename group chat title
  • [ ] Search
    • [ ] Search for specific message from a conversation
    • [ ] Search for specific message from all conversions
  • [ ] Secret chat
    • [x] Reply message in secret chat
    • [ ] Visualize of encryption key of the secret chat
    • [ ] Create a new secret chat
  • [ ] Stats and various info
    • [x] Get user profile
    • [x] Get chat list
    • [x] Get contact list
    • [ ] Get history and mark it as read
  • [ ] Card
    • [ ] export card
    • [ ] import card


If there are bugs or things you would like to improve, fork the project, and implement your awesome feature or patch in its own branch, then send me a pull request here!


telegram-rb is licensed under the MIT License.

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