E-Chat ICO Review

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Not long ago I’ve stumbled across a new ICO which might be interesting for you guys. I took some time researching about it and it looks quite legit – the project, the team and the working product they’ve already got to offer.

e-Chat is a mobile chat app just like WhatsApp or Telegram. Its founders have already released the app both on the play and app stores. As for today, the app is basically a clone of Telegram that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages across a decentralized P2P network. Quite cool, but according to e-Chat devs, this is just the beginning.

The team behind the project got quite amazing plans for e-Chat. If all goes as planned, e-Chat might become the next big thing. Let me explain why by comparing it to Telegram first.

e-Chat vs. Telegram

You probably know and maybe even use Telegram. Telegram is the WhatsApp for people who like privacy and decentralization. Telegram encrypts messages on both ends, allowing users to enjoy private conversations without anyone spying on them.

e-Chat offers the same kind of service with a twist. You can say that e-Chat is Telegram with a bunch of additional functionalities (most of which are still under development), making it an all-in-one solution for day-to-day tasks, once the app becomes what it is planned to be.

The ICO is aimed to (a) raise the funds to allow e-Chat team further develop the app and (b) release ECHT tokens to the public that are essential for some of the most important e-Chat functions to work (more on that in a bit)

Here is what e-Chat aims to become in the next 12 months:

Decentralized encrypted messenger. This is something e-Chat already is – an app that allows you to send and receive messages while enjoying full privacy. The network is P2P, which means that no government or hacker can shut down the servers and kill the app or steal sensitive user data by hijacking one of the servers.

Decentralized encrypted messenger video calls
Decentralized encrypted messenger

Personal finance center, allowing you to send, receive and exchange multiple currencies. Say, you want to send some cryptos or fiat money to the person you’re chatting with. e-Chat will allow you to do that directly from e-Chat interface. You can attach your credit card to it to be able to purchase products too.

Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet. To make the previous feature possible, e-Chat messenger includes a multi-currency crypto wallet that is, of course, totally private and not monitored by anyone but you.

e-Chat Money transfers and cryptocurrencies
e-Chat Built-in payment system

Content browser. E-Chat allows you to create your own chat groups and join existing ones. The innovation here is that e-Chat provides with a rating system and multiple group options, making it easier for people to find the best content. You can also customize your feed by following the content creators you prefer.

Social Media. The above means that e-Chat aims to become some sort of social media, where people can choose how they share their content. This will create a system that will make it easier for content creators to get followers and profit from it:

Income Generator. People get paid for posting great content on YouTube, Blogspot and other sites. However, it is no secret that for each word we write on a blog, there are thousands of words we write in the chat window. What if we could monetize what we write on chat? E-Chat allows you to monetize your greatest chat messages by letting you receive tips.

e-Chat Paid channels for bloggers
e-Chat Stream with photo and video

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