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Today, instant messaging applications are responsible for getting our messages to our acquaintances or family instantly, so that, for example, ordinary messaging services remain almost extinct.

One of Telegram best examples is . The application he is always ahead of WhatsApp brings news that is updated every time which makes alive and well in roles that WhatsApp (though you may think otherwise). A few months ago, Telegram updated including tab stickers interface so that we could use the stickers on our terminals besides other improvements.

Therefore, we can see that the evolution of the messaging application is good. We will then include some of the best stickers we can encotrar on the web.

Installing stickers

At first, the stickers were not released in the offcially application. You had to unlock some of them . Today, we can install them in a very simple way. Simply we have to look at some of the sites that there are links to install directly from your terminal, or install a desktop application. Previously we could find on Reddit, speak-in his day where to find and how to install the stickers -.

Once the pack stickers on our mobile or desktop application installed, we access the enabled and insert tab you prefer.

leave then collection of stickers

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros was, as always, one of the best games that have been created. Now, one of the best classic games . Even today we find many fans who continue having fun with this game that Super Mario tries to save the princess through the worlds.

stickers de mario bros de telegram para android

The pack includes over 40 stickers of all icons, like mushrooms, stars, characters and so on.

Stickers for Telegram | Super Mario Bros stickers

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball, one of the best animated series is also available for download. Akira Toriyama, creator of the series, has made several generations have been impressed with the plot. Still, we can still see the series (each time with better grades) and the films removed.

stickers de telegram de dragon ball

The pack includes around 50 stickers that we can enjoy. They come characters like Son Gohan, Goku, the dragon and so on.

Stickers for Telegram | Dragon Ball stickers

Big Ban Theory

If you are lovers of The Big Bang Theory this will be your pack . This fun series starring Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, which are two fellow physicists floor tells the daily life of Sheldon, a maniac man with a big IQ. The comedy is one of the most popular series.

stickers de telegram en movil android

The pack shows fun stickers where Sheldon and his friends with phrases appear.

Stickers for Telegram | The Big Bang Theory stickers


For those you have seen all editions of Pokemon (and even captured all ye), now you’re in luck. are available in all Pokemon Telegram . The animation was very successful. So much so that Google decided one day create the Pokemon Challenge in which, from Google Maps could catch, for a limited time 150 pokemon . They were scattered throughout the world.

capturas de stickers de telegram de pokemon

So if this is your world, will you be ready to catch them all?

Stickers for Telegram | 0 to 30 to 31 at 60 – 61-90 – 91-120 – 121-150 – 151-180 – 181-210 – 211-240 – 241-270 – 271-300 – 301-330 – 331-360 – 361-390 – 391-420 – 421-450 Unown

Homer Simpson

Funny series of The Simpsons where the family lives their daily lives in Springfield, makes you laugh both small of the house as the elderly.

captura de stickers de homer para android

If you’ve enjoyed the series, now you can have this pack including aspects of Homer moments of the series you’ll love.

Stickers for Telegram | Homer Simpson stickers

The Simpsons

Other pack funny, considering that of Homer, is the Simpsons. This pack consists of 19 stickers where we can find characters from the series as The Simpsons, Lisa, Bart, Itchy & Scratchy, Marge grandfather or Mr. Flanders. Along with stickers Homer Simpson we can have a good collection in our mobile.

capturas de stickers de los simpsons telegram

Stickers for Telegram | The Simpsons

Emojis XL

If you’re a fan of emoticons, this is your pack . It Contains 15 fantastic stickers in which we find the typical emoticons but adapted to the size of stickers . We can encotontrar the smiley crown, laughter, kiss, love cat face or others.

stickers de telegram para android

_Stickers for Telegram | Emojis XL

Cereal Guy

For lovers of memes , Cereal Guy is a collection Telegram themed bumper meme . You can have the memes of all life on your mobile simply following the download link. 28 stickers found a large majority of memes (although do not add any text).

capturas de stickers de telegram para android de memes

Stickers for Telegram | Cereal Guy

Can you like about the collection that we have made bumper Telegram but nevertheless, we will leave some links that you can help in finding more stickers fun. The truth is that you can spend a lot of time looking and there are all kinds imaginable.

Links | Stickers Telegram Telegram Stickers Library

What are your stickers to favorite Telegram?

And you do you think? Head over to collect some of the best stickers of Telegram, do not miss them! to leave your mark.

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