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After mention to what were the best stickers and how to create your own stickers today we bring another of the great innovations that have Telegram. Today you do a compilation of the best bots Telegram .

Bots games

There are a variety of bots whose contents are games . Among them is probably the highlightmypokerbot.


The traditional game of poker Texas Holdem . In which you can play against 4 users more . As in the board game, you have the possibility to retire, move and upload your bet. It also brings the option of send emojis or stickers to other users. The accounts beginning with 500 chips and the option of a bonus that gives you 250 per hour. Also, if you invite your friends to play you will be rewarded with 3,000 additional chips for each of them.

Another bot that lets you play ishangbot, the popular hanged.


Default comes in English but you can change the language in / language , changing the language we will restart the word proposal. This bot will give us 10 life and we will have to guess the word before you spend it all. To stop the game just you have to send / stop . The bot also offers the possibility to know the statistics of success or failure by / stats .

For those who like to puzzle over the riddles thereAdivinanzasBot a bot that will send us a riddle to write / phrase . This bot is not necessary to send the response who believe, but to solve it you must press / answer numeroPregunta . It also has the ability to send the phrase via a link or photo . And if that were not enough riddles has the possibility of suggest our own .

Bots pictures and videos

bot Telegram Best in theme photo isImageBot.


which gives you a choice if you prefer receiving a gif or image just sending / get if it is for an image followed by the image you want to search or / getgif if followed for a gif gif you want to search.

There is also a bot family’s most famous television The Simpsons , withsimpsonses_bot you can get photos and videos of your favorite characters. All in Spanish.

Bots profit

Highlights in this sectionweatherman_bot which will show time in your city.


To do this, we introduce the language we want and our city either by location or by inserting it through keyboard. You can see the time for the current day, for the next day or the next 5 days. Besides to be warned if you want the morning or afternoon at the desired time.

Withpronunciationbot we can transform text into audio . Depending on the language you have to introduce the text change language for that pronunciation is as similar as possible. To do write / language and select the language. Once selected, to convert text into audio have to write / pronounce it and write the text to transform.

These bots and many more appear onstorebot with which we can search bots categories, valuation or new . In addition to evaluating each of them.

Finally, apart from these bots is possible to create your own . For this thereBotFhater but the explanation of how to create a new bot will be seen in new article .

unto you is like the review of the Telegram best bots ? You sure do you use more than others and why you like do not hesitate tell us what your favorite . Regards and until next article .

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