Automattic Releases Free WordPress Stickers App for iOS 10

iOS 10 was released last month with support for stickers in the iMessage app for iPhone and iPad. Making use of the new feature, Automattic is adding its own strain of stickers to add a little WordPress flavor to your mobile communications. The new free WordPress World iMessage sticker app includes some of the company’s mascots and logos, such as WooCommerce and Jetpack, as well as a collection of “sticker-ized” wapuus from the community.

Wapuus for Your iMessages. Image Credit: WP Tavern

The WordPress stickers set is also being ported for use with Telegram, which has supported an open sticker platform since May 2015. Aaron Douglas, an iOS mobile developer at Automattic, has added the stickers from the iOS app into a WordPress World sticker pack for Telegram.

Stickers for Telegram. Image Credit: WP Tavern

“The process of porting is manual but doesn’t take a terrible amount of time,” Douglas said. “The only weird thing is Telegram associates an emoji with every sticker so finding an appropriate emoji for a particular sticker is tricky. Some people on Telegram just pick random emoji and they don’t care about the equivalence.”

The Telegram sticker collection matches those in the iMessage sticker app after an update Douglas pushed this morning. At the moment, just a handful of the planned WordPress stickers are available, but users will automatically receive the new ones as the iOS app and Telegram pack are updated. Douglas said that Automattic is planning to add more Wapuu created for the WordCamps and is looking into commissioning a few new ones for the app.

Source: WP Tavern

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