6 Reasons Why You Should Really Care About Telegram Messenger Marketing

November 8, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Really Care About Telegram Messenger Marketing

By Ester Brierley in Business Marketing Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that in modern life online marketing becomes a more and more powerful way of promoting your business. For that reason, marketers are always on the lookout for new and effective channels to reach the audience. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts can’t be considered something unusual today, because many marketers use them. Despite the fact that social networks have a very broad sphere of influence, they have a fast developing and competitor: messengers.

Messengers gain users’ attention all over the world, that’s why we will talk about Telegram and what benefits Telegram marketing can offer. It is pretty young (it was launched in 2013), but almost every month its popularity greatly increases. In August 2017, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said the number of daily news of users had reached more than 600,000. Such statistics dispel doubts about Telegram marketing and proves how efficient it can be.

The List of Reasons Why You Should Consider Telegram as the Source of Promotion

1. Create Your Own Channel

No doubt, one of the most important and useful functions is Telegram channel. Channels are for sending messages and sharing information with a wide group of users. The only person who can rule the channel is an administrator. If necessary, you can assign an additional administrator. Many channels don’t give an opportunity to write posts to their subscribers, in this case, only administrators have a permission to do so. When the administrator posts any piece of information, it is signed by the name of the channel.

There is one point considering channels we should explain – Telegram has a function to make the channel public or private. The technology used for the channels is called a permanent URL. Users subscribe to the URL. After that, they are automatically included in the group list. Users don’t need permission to join the public channel. Messages and links in the channels have a live view counter that even covers forwarded links. To enter the private channel, a user request must be accepted by the administrator. It allows you to control the audience you work with and avoid leakage of important data.

2. Strong Security

Developers of Telegram know as no one else how to provide complete privacy and reliable encryption. In general, Telegram uses a double-layered encryption; meaning that server-client encryption is applied for cloud chats. If you deal with secret charts, an additional client-client layer is used. There is also one especially attractive function on Telegram – a self-destruct option for viewed messages. Time for self-destruction varies from one minute to one week after the moment when the message had been read. Access to these messages is available only via the user’s phone because the messages are not stored in the cloud.

3. Cloud-Based Messenger

Thanks to cloud-based model photos, videos, music, text materials and documents that are stored online (you can also download them), the app requires very little storage on your phone. Telegram doesn’t slow down the work of the phone, as many heavy apps do. Marketers should pay attention and take full advantage of this fact. The cloud-based technology allows users to have access to their chats and channels from different computers and phones.

4. Mobile and Desktop Versions for Different Platforms

Mobile versions of Telegram covers Smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Ubuntu Touch. The desktop versions are available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

5. Telegram Bot

The bot gives an opportunity to have an account operated by means of special software rather than by a human. Creating a bot on Telegram is pretty simple and another great advantage of the messenger. The Telegram team also created step-by-step instructions, so everyone can follow them and create the bot him/herself. It’s better to rely on someone with programming skills, because a specialist can get deeper into the process.  The main reason why bots are so useful is that they reduce a number of mistakes that may be made by people and have a lot of unique options (reminds, schedule, integration with other services, search on the Internet). Besides, using the bot, you don’t need to hire additional marketers, managers and other staff.

6. Money Transfer

This option was started in Brazil and Russia, but it is much broader today. High level of security and reliable information storage makes Telegram a good app for money transfers. MoneyTalk is the bot that allows users to send money to each other. Online stores should pay attention to that option.

How Can You Use Telegram for Business Promotion?

As we have described the central functions of Telegram, it’s high time to provide you with perspectives of its use for business, especially for smaller ones. Big companies don’t leverage the power of Telegram, that’s why the competition in this sphere isn’t high. According to the official policy of Telegram, advertising isn’t displayed on the app. This fact attracts not only the customers who are tired of ads, but also the marketers.

First of all, Telegram is a respectable source of communication between you and your customers, partners and team members. The interface is simple and easy to use for people of different ages. If you own an online store, you can inform the customers about order status and provide support and create secret charts for communication with business partners. Thanks to Telegram, users get relevant messages very quickly and without delays, which is an important factor for successful interaction.

Telegram is a perfect choice for those who launch marketing campaigns or work on the image of a particular brand. The public channels are the fastest way to share information about special offers, discounts and new products that analyze what categories of customers are the most interested in your business. Your target audience may vary; in this case create the private channels for regular and VIP customers. You may develop personal stickers and include them into your Telegram marketing campaign.

Online stores should pay attention to money transfer opportunities of Telegram. Such use of the app may be profitable and optimize sales processes.


In spite of its young age, Telegram has made great strides toward world-wide popularity and grabs attention of more and more users. The secret of Telegram’s success is its safety policy, no ads, completely new and extremely useful functions, uncomplicated design and cloud-based technology. Even if its primary task isn’t to be a means of marketing promotion, the app has begun a new chapter in online marketing. Catch the moment and promote your business with the remarkable Telegram messenger.

Ester Brierley is a graduate student, a junior QA Engineer in software outsourcing company and an enthusiastic freelance writer. She adores researching cutting-edge trends and sharing them in her writing pieces for EssayWanted. You can follow her on Twitter.

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