5 Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress

For any business website, it requires providing support for their customers and users. Every person wants to find a quick response for their queries. Your instant support makes your client happy. And the satisfaction of clients becomes a key to success for your business.

live chat plugins

Most of the online shoppers prefer live chat support than any other form of interaction.

Live Chat is very fruitful for any website. Enabling live chat into your WordPress site is very easy & cheerful.

Here I’d like to share some of the free live chat plugins which are very useful for your business websites.

Free Live Chat Plugins

1. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a leading live chat software that tracks your visitors in real time. You can easily setup and customize the live chat to your website.

Apart from adding a live chatZoho SalesIQ provides some amazing features like track, capture & engage your visitors in real time and offline that increases your sales rapidly. It automatically identifies new and returning visitors and initiate an interactive chat session. It also provides automatic chat translation features so you can easily interact with the audience globally.

Zoho SalesIQ offers native apps for your iPhone, iPad and Andriod devices so you can easily connect your mobile devices and provide live chat support from all over the world.

Zoho SalesIQ

2. ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support is the fastest & one of the best live chat plugins that allow web visitors to click to call and voice chat with you directly from the browser or by dialing their local access numbers available in 40+ countries. This plugin is fully customizable, supports multiple languages and comes with many more features.

clickdesk live support free WordPress plugin

3. Zopim Live Chat

Zopim is an award winning chat solution that allows you to add live support chat to your WordPress website so that you can chat with your visitors. Zopim Live Chat shows up as a chat bar docked at the bottom of your website. Visitors chat with you simply by clicking on the Zopim Chat Widget.

zopim live chat plugin

4. Quick chat

WordPress chat plugin supporting private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more. Quick Chat is self-hosted chat solution, one of the best WordPress chat plugins.

It’s a self-hosted chat solution. It means that all the chat messages are stored locally inside your WordPress database and are totally under your control. That’s why there is no limits or no monthly fees for the chat users or messages. See Quick Chat demo.

5. Live Chat-Casengo

The most popular WordPress Live Chat plugin that allows you to add live Chat to your blog or website quickly and easily. With ‘Casengo’, you can handle enquiries via email, Twitter, Facebook and live chat directly from your website.

casengo live chat free live chat WordPress plugin

Casengo Live Chat Core Features & Benefits

  • Live Chat Customization. Change look and feel of live chat button and form
  • NEW Mobile App. Use Casengo on your phone or tablet.
  • NEW Twitter search integration. Keep track of relevant keywords and interact directly
  • Multi-channel support. Email, chat, social media in 1 inbox
  • Facebook integration. Never miss another post
  • Multi-brand. Manage multiple websites from within Casengo
  • Knowledge base. Boost self-service with the Casengo FAQ plugin
  • Team collaboration. Easily ask co-workers to help out
  • Mailboxes. Manage multiple mailboxes from within Casengo
  • Macros. Quickly provide customers with the right answer
  • In the cloud. Handle customer enquiries from anywhere
  • Reporting. know your company’s peak periods
  • Flex users. Add short-time users for flexible support
  • Simple setup. No training or technical knowledge needed
  • Instant overview. Customer status clears at a single glance
  • NEW Pro-active. Increase online conversion by automatically a chat window after 5 seconds
  • Hybrid messaging. Seamlessly blend live chat with email and social media

6. Flyzoo Live Chat

One of best free WordPress chat plugins, Flyzoo supports real-time visitor monitoring, private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, emoticons and much more.

Flyzoo free live chat plugin WordPress

7. Pure Chat

This simple lightweight live chat plugin comes with fully customizable chat widget with language customization, that automatically appear on the site.

pure chat - free live chat support wordpress plugin

Other features include:

  • Fully customizable chat widget including language customization.
  • iOS and Andoid app available to response the visitors on the go.
  • Know the location of your visitors.
  • Ban users by IP.
  • Full chat transcript history.
  • When you are not online visitors can leave contact info.
  • Customizable canned responses for common questions.

8. Formilla Live Chat

It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. Formilla live chat software comes with real-time visitor monitoring feature.

formilla live chat support free wordpress plugin

Formilla.com Live Chat Features:

  • Installs Instantly
  • Google Talk Support
  • iOS and Andoid app available to respond on the go.
  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring – demo
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Custom Banners, Colors, and Themes
  • Chat History
  • Custom Banners, Colors, and Themes

and many more..

9. WP Live Chat Support

A fully functional live chat plugin. Comes with no third party connections or subscription required. This free chat support plugin is free from any type of advertisement or ‘powered by’ link on the chat box.

wp live chat support free wordpress plugin

Free Version Features

  • chat directly with visitors.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Drag the chat box around the page.
  • Color customization of chat box.
  • No advertising.
  • No powered by link on the chat window
  • No monthly subscriptions needed
  • Desktop notifications.
  • View missed chats

Hope this post may help you install best live chat support for your visitors.

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