2016 Hyundai Sonata


We know that the 2016 Hyundai Sonata is one of the safest midsize sedans available, as the vehicle has already earned the highest overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (including a pair of five-star ratings in front and side crash tests). The vehicle also received the best possible rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, which declared the vehicle a 2016 Top Safety Pick+.

“Occupant safety, above all other things, is the single most important factor when designing and engineering Hyundai vehicles,” said Mike O’Brien, the vice president of corporate and product planning at Hyundai Motor America (via a press release). “Receiving this award, given the increasing demands of the test, is a testament to our emphasis on safety at every price point, and is a point of pride for every Hyundai associate.”

We understand the brand’s commitment to producing safe vehicles, and we’re aware that the Sonata helps protect its passengers. However, what is it exactly that makes the Sonata such a safe ride? Let’s continue reading to find out why…

Forward Collision Warning


With the assistance of a front-facing camera that’s constantly monitoring the road ahead of you, this technology will determine how quickly you’re traveling towards a slower or stationary object. When you’re approaching that object (presumably another vehicle) at too high of a speed, the system will alert you via audible warnings.

This is a rather important safety feature, as there’s no denying that every driver occasionally loses focuses. Sometimes you’ll be traveling quickly, and you’ll suddenly notice that you’re quickly approaching a pair of brake lights. The Forward Collision Warning will let you know about this predicament before you’re even close to colliding.

The Rear Parking Sensors work much the same way, although you’re dealing with a much slower vehicle when you’re reversing. Still, the technology will alert the driver whenever they’ve gotten too close to another object.

Blind Spot Detection


This system used radar to determine whether a fellow driver is in your blind spot. With the help of visual and audible cues, you can be assured that you’ll never side-swipe a fellow driver.

The technology also includes Rear Cross-traffic Alert, a helpful monitoring system as you’re attempting to reverse your Sonata. Finally, the Lane Change Assist mode will use those sensors to determine how fast another vehicle may be traveling on that desired lane. When it’s safe to switch over, your Sonata will let you know.

Lane Departure Warning


Ever find yourself slowly drifting to one side of the road? It may be rather insignificant, but it can actually cause a rather dangerous accident, especially if there are other vehicles on the road.

The Lane Departure Warning will use audible and visual warnings to let you know that you should readjust your vehicle. This way you can recognize your position on the road before it’s too late.

As you’ve read, the Sonata is fully equipped with technologies that will help keep the driver and passengers safe. Add on the various airbags (including the innovative knee airbag), and you can understand why the Sonata is regarded as the safest vehicle in the class.

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