10 Features of Telegram Messenger App

Amongst the various instant messengers in the market, Telegram has managed to maintain a niche and the credit goes to its unparalleled features list. With its extremely credible features line that includes sharing large files, support to mobile and desktop, end-to-end encryption, creating huge groups, stickers; the instant messenger by Pavel and Nikolai Durov has much more that could actually force you to download it and make it a part of daily messaging, for sure! Here is a glance at some of those exciting features set of Telegram Messenger.

1.Edit the Message after Sending

With the latest update in the messaging app, you can now edit the message, even after you have sent it. All you have to do it, tap on the message, select “Edit”, modify the message and click on the check button at the upper-right corner of the screen. The message can be edited before or after the recipient have read it but it will be marked with an “edited” label that will make you and the recipient figure out that it has been modified.

edit messages after sending in telegram messenger app

   2. Add Up To 5000 Members in a Group

You can have a maximum of 5000 members in a group if you are using telegram. This option in the messenger proves helpful at the professional end where an update can be passed on to so many people at once.

5000 members in telegram group

3. Add a Passcode to Unlock Telegram

With most of the messaging applications, you need to have an external app lock application in the phone in order to protect the chats from unwanted access. With Telegram, you get an in-built option to set a passcode that will restrict unauthorized access to your chats.

To set a passcode, go to “Settings>>Privacy and Security>>Under the Security tab, choose “Passcode Lock”. You will be presented with screens to set a passcode and confirm it. Now, next time when you will open Telegram, you have to enter the passcode to enter the chats.

add passcode to telegram messenger ap

4. Mention People in a Group

With Telegram, you can mention other people in a group, even if they have muted the group. All that you need to do is type “@” and the list of people who are a part of that group will be enlisted. You can choose and add them, as you like and a notification to them will be sent about the same. Isn’t great!

mention people in group in telegram messenger

5. Enable Secret chatting with a Friend

If you do not want the trace of your chatting to be saved on server, you can enable secret chatting option in Telegram. Once this option is enabled for a contact, the chats at both the ends will be saved locally with an encryption key. Also, if the secret chatting is enabled, the option of forwarding the message will be disabled, ensuring that whatever has been shared between the chat-box remain absolutely private.

secret chatting in telegram messenger app

6. Self-Destructor Timer

You may want that after a while, your chat messages get deleted automatically. If you want this, then you have the Self-destructor timer in Telegram. Using this feature, you can set a time after which your chats will get automatically deleted. The time period varies from 1 second to one day. Once you set time destructor for a contact, a notification will be passed about the same.

self-destruct timer in telegram messenger app

7. Two-Step Verification Process

Telegram is meant for both mobile and desktop. You may be using it on your mobile as well as on desktop PC. The two step verification facility lets you set a password that will be required when you login to the Telegram through a different device.

For example: If somebody is trying to enter your chats through desktop, they will be unable to do so unless he/she knows the passcode and the SMS code that will be received on your number.

To set the two-step verification for Telegram account, you will be presented with some screens to set a password that includes setting, confirming the password, providing a hint for it, and an email address for recovery.

two step verification in telegram messenger app

8. Built-In Photo Editor

You can take a picture, add a caption, crop it, or edit if with effects and all this can happen through the built-in photo editor in telegram. You can either use it for the pictures clicked with camera or those selected from the gallery.

in-built photo editor in telegram messenger

9. Built-In App Browser

To open the external links, Telegram offers a built-in browser to its users. By default, the browser option is disabled and you have to enable it through Settings.

in-app browser in telegram messenger app

10. Automated Media Downloading

You can define with Telegram as of what kind of media content should be downloaded when connected to Wi-Fi or with the Data. Therefore, you can stay calm regarding your data usage for the type of files that gets automated downloaded.

automated media downloading in telegram

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With these amazing set of features, Telegram Messenger is fun. And what makes this messaging app a must have for instant messaging is its stringent security and the attributes that all of its competitors lack. Picture editing, in-built image editor, built-in browser, restricting message forwarding are some of the qualities you won’t find in other apps like Hike, WhatsApp, Viber, and others in the market. With so many reasons to have Telegram in your mobile, you must give it a try, if you haven’t yet.

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