10 Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks (FOR IOS USERS)

Telegram is the one and only messaging app which is developed by some of the talented developers in an open platform in 2013. As it is a simple, secure and free app, the messages it receives or sends are saved to a self-reliant cloud. Telegram app is available on Playstore, Appstore, Store (Microsoft) and BlackBerry World, and install accordingly on the mobile devices, tablets, and Laptops (web version). If you are a die–hard fan of Telegram app, these useful tricks will help you more to know deep about the app.

  • First Letter of your name

While registering every one and other details on the app will show your identity right there. Look at the profile picture below.


It shows the first letter of your first and last name. If you don’t want to reveal your identity by not entering the display name, then the app by default takes the username’s first letter of first n’ last name and makes it as the profile picture. The same way as Google does.

  • Storage Usage-

While worrying not to store more videos, photos, GIFs etc. on your phone due to low storage space, the app allows certain other options for you. You can choose the option Setting>Data and Storage>Storage Usage and see below; to keep the message of “Storage Full!” away from your phone.


Choose anyone option a week/month/forever, where the app automatically does the rest; saving one week’s/month’s data and deleting the rest.           

  • Cloud Backup

You have a plan to change your phone, or looking for an upgrade to the latest Apple iPhone, the Telegram Messenger allows you one and everything to store at its cloud from media to chat backup. This option will ask at the beginning when you install the Telegram app for the first time. So, when you get your new phone, just type your phone no. and wait for the message of – “A backup found, would you like to download it and apply”.

Note: Remember to use WIFI for a fast and break-free download.

  • Muting Chat Room

It’s quite common that you receive messages from your relatives. Now, the Telegram app gives the option to mute one or more notifications from users on the go! So if your mom, dad or any relative is on Telegram, you can mute them temporarily. For this, open the chat room and touch beside the profile pic of whom you want to mute notifications. You may find info option, by touching it; a new window will open, scroll down and choose notifications.


     Open any chat. >>  



And follow the instructions as on the next three screenshots. You’ll the find the option to mute one or another with ease.



Touch ‘Info’>>





  • Disappear the Call Tab

When you install the telegram app, you may find 4 tabs at the bottom. They are contacts, calls, chats and setting. If you are expert in typing and write as fast as you can, then it is obvious that you ignore every free call or don’t want to see any miscalls. Telegram app has an option where one can cease the visibility of the call tab from the bottom. For that, touch Setting>Recent Calls>Show Calls Tab (check screenshot).

  • Manage Telegram Media

Telegram app sends and accepts media files up to 1.35 GB at a time. So, when you have large no. of files to send or receive, you can do it with ease. Moreover, the files can be saved automatically, if your phone has enough storage. Choose the option to disable or enable saving incoming media files by touching the Setting>Data and Storage, scroll down (check screenshot).

  • Inviting your friends

Touching at the contact tab, you can see who all in your contact list are using Telegram app. By the way, the contact will show you all, on the first section- those using the app and on the next section- those who are not using the app. If you want someone (who hasn’t installed the app yet) to know the benefits of Telegram app, you can directly click the invite to Telegram option after specifically touching his/her contact.

Below we have shown the contact list and to send an invitation.






In Telegram installed contacts, you may see their ‘last seen’. When you scroll down, that is the 2nd screenshot, you’ll see the contacts who either not yet installed the app or deleted their app. Kindly, touch any of your contacts and as shown in the 3rd screenshot, touch the option of Invite to Telegram, a message with Telegram installation link will be sent to the invitee (local messaging charges may apply to the inviter). 

  • Passcode your app

A valuable option, which gives privacy with highness, is the locking option on your desired chat room. You can put a lock on your private chats with the passcode option, find it on setting>passcode lock (under security section). When you set this, you may ask for a passcode, enter the desired code and forthwith, you may find a lock icon on the top (where ‘chats’ is written) at the chat tab. If you tap it lock, then whenever your phone’s screen light goes off, the app gets locked. Or even set time to automatically lock your chats.

  • Restricting Unknown Groups

You can stop being added to any unknown group by choosing ‘my contacts’ instead of ‘everybody’ under privacy and security section. By this, none can add you to any group until and unless he/she is in your contact list.

  • Two-step Verification

An additional yet more secure one in this era is the two-step verification, which allows you setting a password into your account. So, when you log into a new device with your account, the app will ask for the password which you set as Two-step Verification. To set- Touch Setting>Two-step verification.


More or less, the Telegram app stands with some of the tricks that are yet not available on other messaging apps. Enhancing their tricky knowledge is what today’s youth want!

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