Where to Buy Snapchat Spectacles and How to Buy Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles have gone on sale and are now available for purchase starting today through some unorthodox yellow vending machines. Snap is not selling its Snapchat glasses through traditional outlets like stores or online retailers. Instead, you’ll need to find a vending machine what Snap called Snapbots. These vending machines or Snapbots will relocate regularly to appear in new locations throughout the U.S.  The machines will only be available for about a day before they’re moved to a new location. If you really want the device, but don’t when Snapbot to be deployed in your area? Read on to find out where to Buy Snapchat Spectacles and How to Buy Snapchat Specracles. To know what is Snap Specs is all about and how to use it, see our previous post on How to Use Snapchat Spectacles.

 Where to Buy Snapchat Spectacles

Where To Find Snapchat Spectacles or Locate Snapchat Spectacles

Currently, the only way to get a pair of Snapchat Spectacles is by purchasing them directly from one of Snapbots in the US. If you want to find out where one of these vending machines is located, head over to the official Spectacles website. Please note that Spectacles are only compatible with Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi direct capabilities, and iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8 and above. Here’s how to find a Snapbot or locate Snapbots;

1. Open any web browser, and go to http://www.spectacles.com/. 2. Once you entered the webpage, scroll to the bottom of the Spectacles home page and click the ‘Find a Bot’ button (see image below).


3. It will take you to a page, a map will be displayed, showing the area where the Snapbot is to be located with a mark. 4. These Snapbots location will be added to the map 24 hours before one lands. 5. Snapbots can also be located within the Snapchat App. 6.  Enable “Location Services” so that Geofilters are working. 7.  Go to your Geofilter list, if a Snapbot is nearby,  a Spectacles Geofilter will be shown. 8. Another way of finding a Spectacles is by asking friends. Ask them if they finds a Snapbot, they could be able to purchase Specs for you.

Where To Buy Snapchat Spectacles or How to Buy Snapchat Spectacles

Currently Snapchat Spectacles are available only through Snapbots – Snap’s very own vending machines that dispense Spectacles and never seem to stay in one location for too long. Once you locate where Snapbot is, look for the yellow vending machine like the ATMs. It’s like one of the Minions from Despicable Me. The vending machines feature a cartoon-like face and are topped with balloons. They’ll sell Spectacles, which are glasses that can record video 10 seconds at a time and be uploaded to the Snapchat app. It’s unclear how many pairs of glasses are available in the machine or how quickly they’ll sell out.


The vending machines come equipped with a bot where you can virtually try on glasses from the machines using a circular display similar to Snapchat’s augmented reality filters. The machine has a screen with three big buttons to push, one for each color of glasses and a place to swipe your credit card. You can chose between coral, teal and black. When you’ve decided what color you want, insert a debit or credit card to purchase. The Spectacles website also has a QR code that allows you to try on the Spectacles.

The vending machine Snapbots take about 10 seconds to process your transaction. Once you see the Bot’s mouth light up, take your Specs and you’re all set. Each pair of glasses comes with a charging case, a charging cable, and a cleaning cloth. Don’t forget to grab your receipt which may come handy when trying to claim warranty or any other complain with the device.

To purchase Snapchat Spectacles you need to have with you a valid credit or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. Snapbots won’t accept cash or gift cards for Spectacles purchases.

Snapchat Spectacles Price

The Snapchat Spectacles are currently available in the U.S. only and are sold for $129.99 + tax. If you’re really desperate about the Spectacles and have enough money you can get it from eBay for a whooping $500 and above.

Snapchat Spectacles Accessories

Each pair of Snapchat Spectacles come with one charging case, one charging cable, and one cleaning cloth. The Specs charging case itself holds a charge, allowing you to power up when you’re on the go. To charge your Specs, simply place Specs in their case to get started, it will automatically charge it. The LED ring on the front of Specs will light up when Specs are charging as an indication. A fully charged case will recharge your Specs about four times, which is enough to keep you going for over 400 Snaps.The Charging Cable lets you charge your Specs directly, as well as power up your charging case.

Snapchat Spectacles Accessories

Snapchat Spectacles Return Policy

If at any time within 30 days of purchase you’re not 100% satisfied with your Spectacles you can return for a refund. Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty are ineligible for this refund. Please note that Spectacles purchased from a source other than Snap or an authorized retailer also are ineligible for this policy.

How to request Snapchat Spectacles Refund

Go to the Support Page, support.spectacles.com, to initiate the return process, follow the instructions given on the page. Package your Spectacles according to Snap return shipment guidelines and drop off your package at a local FedEx facility, the lists can be found online. Once your item has been received by Snap, your card will be credited.

Snapchat Spectacles Warranty

Snapchat Spectacles are covered by a one-year limited warranty, backed up by complementary technical online and phone support. If your Snapchat Spectacles are defective or malfunctioning, Snap will replace or repair them, using new or refurbished materials.

Some Precautions to be taken

Please note that Spectacles contain lithium ion batteries, and should not be placed in checked luggage when flying. Don’t wear or Snap with damaged Spectacles, especially if any cables or wires are exposed, could result in injury. Don’t try to repair your Spectacles yourself. If they’re damaged, contact support.spectacles.com. Also don’t use them near open flames or electrical sources, submerge them in water, using them while the battery is charging, and don’t use them if you see a leaking battery or battery damage.

That’s it!  Here’s hoping they show up in your area soon. Happy Snapping with the new Spectacles.

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