Snapchat patent reveals future Spectacles with augmented reality. And dinosaurs.

Snapchat isn’t done with Spectacles, its video-camera sunglasses. The first version, released in November, was a disappointment for some, not for its lack of color selection, but for the absence of augmented reality. 

But a patent published Thursday reveals an augmented future for Spectacles and other wearables and gadgets made by Snap Inc., the camera company. 

Like this:

.@Snapchat Patent also teases Snapchat’s future version of @Spectacles that will include augmented reality (look at the display)

— Kerry Flynn ? (@kerrymflynn) May 4, 2017

Those two displays at the top of the glasses could sense what is around you and then also display augmented reality. 

What fake reality would you want to be inserted into your surroundings?

Perhaps, a Tyrannosaurus rex:

.@Snapchat @Spectacles My favorite part of the patent is this T-REX. I hope future @Spectacles let me put a T-REX in random places

— Kerry Flynn ? (@kerrymflynn) May 4, 2017

Snap Inc., in this patent, also reveals that the future of gadgets from the company isn’t just glasses. Future products could include “glasses, visors, watches, or other network enabled items,” the patent reads.

Another sentence reads: “an augmented reality helmet, an augmented reality visor, glasses, and an augmented reality glasses attachment.”

We don’t know a timeline yet for version two of Spectacles. The first device hasn’t even begun shipping overseas. 

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