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Snapchat Lenses - Devil And Angel Snapchat Lens

The Devil and Angel snapchat lens is the first of its kind. This lens allows users to switch between two different lenses by opening their mouth. When the lens is initially applied to the camera, the user is portrayed as a demon. Then, when the user opens their mouth they are transformed into an angel. This lens is a representation of the battle between good and evil. The lens allows users to choose which side they want to be a part of or just mess around switching between the two. Below you will find a more in depth description of the lens as well as how to apply it to your selfies.

Devil And Angel Snapchat Lens Overview

When you initially apply the Devil and Angel snapchat lens you will start out as a demon. The demon part of the lens creates a dark mood. Your face becomes blackened out and your eyes are turned an intimidating red color. Along with the darkened face and the red glowing eyes, you will get a pair of red horns that are burned at the tips. Along the bottom of the lens is a fire which completes the scene of the devil being in hell. When the lens is activated (by opening your mouth) a white cloud will circle you and you will be transformed into an angel. The angel portion of the lens is much happier than the devil portion. This lens consists of a pair of white and blue angel wings that spread out from below your ears. You will also find a white halo floating above your head and a bright white light shining down from the heavens.

How to Get The Devil And Angel Lens on Snapchat 

To apply this lens to your selfies you must make sure that your face is in the screen. Next you will hold down on the screen on your face until snapchat is able to scan your face. I can not insure that snapchat will scan your face correctly the first time so if the lens does not line up with your face correctly just re-scan your face by holding down again. After the scan you will be prompted with a number of different lenses. The Angel Devil lens is the icon that is half yellow and half red. Give this filter a try and have some fun. When using the devil lens be sure not to do anything illegal or dangerous, you will not want to have to pay for a lawyer or a visit to your doctor. Try not to steal anyone’s identity either. In Sneaky Pete Season 2 on Amazon Prime, a character does just that and ends up working in a bail bond business.

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