Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat lenses

A few days ago I was messing around with some of the snapchat lenses. I was sending some selfies to some friends of mine when I got an idea. The idea was inspired by the dog snapchat lens. I thought “what if I could turn apply the dog snapchat lens to my dog?” This idea was immediately put to the test but it did not go as smoothly as I hoped. It took a couple of tries before I got a decent result. I have worked out the kinks in the process and now I have a pretty good idea of how to use a snapchat lens on your pet.

To see another picture of a dog using a snapchat lens CLICK HERE

How to Use a Snapchat Lens On Your Dog or Cat 

To use a snapchat lens on your pet you will need to have the updated snapchat app. Before you try to apply a lens to your pet make sure that the lenses work on your own face. When you are using the snapchat lenses you can use either the front facing or main camera. You can flip the camera either by double tapping the screen or taping the flip camera button in the upper right hand corner once. Now for the fun part. You are going to need to get your pets attention. This method works with both dogs and cats. You will need a way to hold your pet’s attention and keep them looking at the camera in order for snapchat to sense their face. Once their face is in the center of the screen you need to hold down your finger on their face and hold it until the geometric shape of a face appears over your pet’s face. Once their face is sensed you will need to select a lens and snap the picture/ take the video as fast as possible. If your pet looks away or puts their head down the lens will no longer be aligned. A good way to keep your cat or dog’s attention is to hold their favorite treat behind the camera. Your pet’s face will not be able to activate the lenses. For example, to activate the dog snapchat lens you open your mouth. With a dog or cat’s face, snapchat is not able to sense an open mouth and the filter will not activate. Give it a try for yourself and let me know how it works for you.

Snapchat Lenses - How to Use a Snapchat Lens On Your Dog or Cat

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Happy Snapping!

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