How to Use Magisk to HIDE Root for Snapchat, Android Pay,

Now, since SafetyNet is based on database of stock firmware or software, you are most likely going to need to run a stock firmware if you want to take advantage of Magisk root.  Root method is pretty simple, you will need to use Magisk ZIP file instead of SuperSU to root your phone and you can flash the Magisk ZIP in TWRP recovery.  Since the method to root may be slightly different, you may want to refer to the exact Magisk root guide for each phone.  I will try to update all my future root guides to include Magisk working so watch out for that.  But for now, just stick with stock firmware and simply use Magisk ZIP to root your phone. (You can grab latest Magisk ZIP on XDA forums here.)

Above showed Pokemon Go not allowing me to play the game with my rooted Note 5.

With rooted phone, you will not pass SafetyNet check.

To fix, simply go into Magisk Manager->Settings and set “Magisk Hide” to ON.

Now, you will see that I pass SafetyNet!  Like I said, not all firmwares/ROMs will be able to pass the SafetyNet so you will have to try yourself or stick with stock firmwares.

After hiding my root, Pokemon Go works great!

And Snapchat works great also!

And yes, Android Pay works great!

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