Change your “Appear As” Snapchat Name

Below I’ll talk about why having the same “Appear As” Snapchat name as your username is important when growing your following on Snapchat.


Your appear as name is your “Snapchat Brand.” It’s what viewers share with their friends when they think you are worth following. This is why it’s important that your “appear as” name should match your username. Snapchat only allows users to search by username  – not the name your shown as. Remember the name you appear as, is seen 100% of the time by your followers when you send Snaps and update your story.

“Wow! You guys need to go follow ‘John Brown!’ He just put up the coolest story!”

They aren’t going to say “Go follow brownie154” because that’s not your name — at least that’s not the name that appears in their feed and seen all the time.

Snapchat’s current downfall is that it doesn’t validate or confirm people you follow unless they are a verified celebrity. Snapchat also dosn’t display your username along with your appear as name unless the user holds down on your name to view more info.

BUT, if your appear as name and username are the same, there’s no chance of anyone missing out on your awesome content because they would be able to find you.

Remember, your appear as name is the first thing people see and the last thing they will remember.

If your appear as name does not match your username, fix it now! When people are recommending you to others, it’s the name they remembered seeing over and over and over again that they’ll use. That name should be your Snapchat username — the name they can type in to find and follow you.

Steps to change your “Appear As” Snapchat name

Change your name

Final Thoughts



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