8 Best SnapChat Saver Apps to Save Snapchat Photos,Videos and stories

snapchat saver apps

Best Snapchat saver apps for Android

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Snapchat Saver is an easy to use application which is free for its android customers. Snapchat saver is one of the best snapchat saver app which enables you to downloads snaps from chats or stories which are unless unavailable in the legal version of the Snapchat app.  It lets you to download videos as well as audios in order to view them later on.  This app anonymously allows you to screen record everything. It requires android 5.0 or greater to run this app on your smartphone and you can find it in Google playstore as well. Let us take a look at its other features.

  • You can screen record pictures and videos at the same time.
  • You don’t need any registration or login to use this app.
  • There will not be any notification generated while you take a snap of your screen.
  • The app has a very simple interface and is quite intuitive.
  • You can also record the audio along with video if required.
    snapsaver for android

Price: Free

One more similar app which downloads snaps is the Snabox app. This is usually not available in the android market because of its violation of terms of service. Snapbox helps you to download Medias from snapchat and save them directly into your gallery. Here you donot have to do any effort as it saves the pictures and videos automatically. All you have to do is open the app at once when you need to save any picture, audio or video. Let us take a look at some of its other features.


snapbox apk

Price: Free

This app is a very nice app with some awesome snap saving capabilities but it may lag in some function as it is still in its developing phase. This is basically a snapchat duplicate app where you get extended features apart from snapchat general features like saving snaps from stories. There are some loopholes in the app as it is in its developing phase hence camera and notifications might not work properly but you can sure save the pictures and videos to your gallery. Let us look at some of the other pictures of the app

  • This app has a similar interface like that of snapchat.
  • You can save snap, videos and audios to your gallery without any hassle.
  • You can send snaps or videos from the gallery as well.
  • Add captions or draw on your snaps before uploading them to server.


4) Snapsave app

   Download Snapsave

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  • When you use this app to download pictures, audios and videos, the user wont be notified about it.
  • The snaps can be easily downloaded to the gallery of your Smartphone.
  • It has a very good user interface and is simple to use.
  • The app doesnot require unlike some other snap saver apps to operate on your device properly.

Price: Free

Save story is one another snap chat saver app which allows you to save snaps to your gallery. This is a similar app which helps you to take screenshots and save it to gallery without the user in the opposite side of the screen being notified about it. This app can simple be found on Google Playstore as it does not violates any terms of services. Let us take a look at some of the other features of this app.

  • It works on non rooted device without any hassle
  • There is no notification of screen capture.
  • You can take multiple pictures or videos and can take in continuous manner.
  • You can grab image from a recorded video as well.
  • The images and pictures can be saved in High definition.
  • The app is very easy to use and you don’t need to login to use its features.

Price: Free

Snapkeep is one of the most downloaded alternative Snapchat clients which will give you a chance to download any snap you get from Snapchat directly to your mobile gallery. This app is available as a third party app and is solely made for android use only. The app is not available for download from the Google play store due to copyright infringement issues but you can also get it from the external or third party site as well. Let us first take a look at its some other features as well.

  • The app lets you download snaps to your gallery without getting a user informed about it.
  • It downloads unsees snaps to your gallery even.
  • The app helps you to save snaps to your gallery of the device.
  • It does not need any jail broken device for operating.
  • The app is totally ad free and hence it has a very nice user Interface.
  • You can share the snaps or can draw in the pictures before sending them to other social networking pictures.

S‍n‍a‍p‍ Downloader

7) Snap Downloader

   Download Snapbox


casper apk

8) Casper apk

   Download Casper Apk



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