7 apps Windows Phone still sorely needs

Windows Phone has grown and developed in recent years, but remains in a distant third place behind iOS and Android where active users are concerned.

With the likes of Instagram and Dropbox arriving late to the Windows Phone party, the operating system is in reasonably good stead ahead of its transition to Windows 10, but here are seven apps it still sorely needs.

Windows Phone already has apps for the majority of the leading social networking and messaging services, but Snapchat remains a glaring omission.

Windows Phone users can usually get by with third-party substitutes, but this is not the case with Snapchat, as sending snaps through an unofficial app will result in your account being suspended.

The Pebble Watch is one of our favourite wearables, outshining its pricier Android Wear competitors in the battery stakes thanks to its economical e-ink display.

Third-party options such as Pebble Watch Pro are available, but functionality is limited to music playback controls, Twitter updates and various notifications.

HERE Maps is a solid mapping service and we’d choose it over Apple Maps any day of the week, but Google Maps is the market leader for a reason and many Windows Phone users would welcome it on their handset.

Of course, there are scores of HERE Maps loyalists who have no desire to switch services, but the luxury of choice is a wonderful thing.

Being able to access live and on-demand Sky content is one of the best perks the broadcaster offers, but once again Windows Phone users are left out in the cold.

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