10 Fitness Models Snapchat Names, Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You To Know

Snapchat is an app that allows you to share photos and videos that self-destruct in 1 to 10 seconds with your friends and followers.

Said this way it may sound a bit silly, but it isn’t. Over 100 million people are active on this app on a daily basis, among which, women with sculptural bodies that show a bit of their workout routines.

It’s a pity their videos last just up to 10 seconds because such beauty just makes you want to keep seeing their squats, Crossfit WODs and other workouts.

Curious? Then you should check out this list of the 10 hottest fit girls on Snapchat.

Brittany Renner – Snap: Brittanyrennerr

This gorgeous athlete has a treasure in the back of her shorts that can make even Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez a bit envious. Naturally, that didn’t just come for free, but instead through a super hard workout routine.

Unlike many women on this list, who are hardly ever seen in their workout clothes, Renner loves to dress up fancifully. Plus, her snapshots are packed with selfies proving that muscles can be sexy.

Jen Selter – Snap: JenSelter88

Who’s not familiar with Jen Selter? This New York girl became a celebrity on the social networks with her pictures and videos zooming in, mostly, on her butt, which is one of the best sculpted on this list.

Of course, she’s also got snapshots highlighting her ripped abs, but, let’s be honest, it’s all about that butt.

In general, Selter’s account on Snapchat offers lots of sweet looks while she performs a light workout that  emphasizes the best part of her body.

Paige Hathaway – Snap: phfit

She wasn’t, originally, an athlete who cultivated large followings on the social networks.

As Paige herself admits on her website, she used to be very thin, with hardly any muscle tone. Gradually, she got involved in the fitness universe and, in fact, ended up helping her followers achieve their fitness goals too.

Today, this babe is sponsored by Shredz, a supplement brand, besides disclosing a feed loaded with workout videos and inspirational messages.

Some weeks ago, for example, she posted a snapshot of herself squatting with 225 pounds – 100 pounds more than her body weight.

Anllela Sagra – Snap: anllela_sagra

She’s nothing less than the fitness model number one in Colombia.

At 18 years old, the former Fashion Design student started her journey in the fitness world, and today, at 21, she is getting more and more renowned on the social networks, where she has exceeded 4 million followers.

Her Snap brings a mix of short workout videos and the backstage of her daily routine.

Yarishna Ayala  – Snap: yarishna_ayala

When it comes to “fit girls calientes”, Yarishna Ayala can’t be out of the picture. This Porto Rican fox, who started off as a dancer, has won all the bodybuilding contests in the bikini category in her country.

After that, she went to the US to compete and find new opportunities in fitness. And, believe me, she’s got it. Yarishna was the first female bodybuilder in Porto Rico to achieve the IFBB PRO Bikini Competitor title among other things.

The parts she likes to work out the most are her legs and butt, while her favorite dishes are pasta, cheesecake and chocolate. How do I know all that? Following her Snapchat, of course, one of the most addictive on this list.

Lauren Drain – Snap: LaurenDrainFit

The face of a girl, the body of a woman and the workouts of an athlete. Meet Lauren Drain, a fitness model and author of the New York Times bestseller WBFF PRO, and in her free time, a nurse.

As if it weren’t enough, this babe has managed to squeeze us in and show us a little of her workout routine on Snapchat.

Bella Falconi – Snap: bella-Falconi

Besides being gorgeous and having an amazing body, this dark-skinned Brazilian always gives inspirational words and great exercises on her Snapchat.

With a pinch of humor, Bella also discloses a little bit about her life in the US as well as about being a first-time mom.

Do you want to know how she managed to keep this fit after giving birth? Follow her and you won’t regret.

Gracyane Barbosa – Snap: ggraoficial

Gracyane Barbosa is destructive when it comes to being fit. Ripped abs here, butt high on her back there… It’s hard not to be impressed with this girl’s disposition to achieve the body of her dreams.

Besides, her squatting videos are the best on the list, believe me.

Karina Bacchi – Snap: karina.bacchi

Still on Brazil, there’s no doubt Karina Bacchi is one the most famous fitness muses in the country. And, naturally, her Snap leaves no workout moments of this gorgeous blonde out.

She also shares recipes and inspirational messages with her followers and, if you have questions about the actress and model’s ripped abs, all you have to do is add her on your app.

Lyzabeth Lopez – Snap: LyzabethLopez

A holistic nutritionist and awarded trainer, this Canadian girl became famous for coming up with a unique workout training program.

Her short videos on Snap show a little of her fitness routine and you can be sure that every second is worth watching.

Plus, she is sexy, has an amazingly sculptured body and is definitely an inspiration to all her female and male followers.

First off, if you’re a Snapchat user and don’t follow any of these girls, you’re really missing out. Secondly, the fit girls videos on this app should last at least thirty minutes. And finally, their tights and shorts are most certainly one of the greatest inventions there have ever been.

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