You Landed a Skype Interview, Now What?

By: Jade Roberts 

  1. Technology: You know that brand new tablet you just got for your birthday? A Skype interview for your dream job is probably not the best time to test out its savvy new camera. A safer choice would be your beloved MacBook that got you through all of those group projects and late nights in college. You two just understand each other. Bottom line, make sure you are confident and comfortable with whatever outlet you choose.
  2. Have a Designated Interview Spot:Employers more than likely are not interested in those trendy throw pillows you just picked up from Urban Outfitters. Take the time to find a place in your home that is clean, quiet, and simple. Grandma’s favorite family photos in the background are going to become a big distraction. Pay attention to the details, put your pets away, and give your roommates some cash to visit that coffee shop they like so you can have the place all to yourself to focus. No one wants to feel like you live in a dungeon, so go ahead and turn all of those lights on!
  3. Black is ALWAYS the Answer: Employers will only see your upper half so you are naturally going to wear your favorite sweatpants, right? Wrong! You should be dressed the same as you would for an in person interview. When you go all out you feel more confident, naturally present yourself better, have a commanding image, and become an overall better candidate. Yes, it’s important to put your makeup on ladies. Preferably skip out on your Friday night red lipstick and reach for neutral colors instead. Last, stay away from crazy patterns and any red or orange colored clothing since they don’t show up well on camera. Remember, you can never go wrong with black.
  4. Say Cheese: Confidence has the ability to outweigh experience. This point is extremely important for a recent graduate who maybe didn’t take on as many internships as they should have. Make sure you are looking directly into that camera and go ahead and make it a flattering angle while you’re at it. No employer wants to be looking up your nose while you explain why you are qualified for a job. Sit up straight, smile, and act natural. Lastly it’s ok to use hand motions and use body language, you’re not a robot after all.                                                                                                              

  5. Research did NOT Stop in College: Sorry, but research will find you even after you turned in your final thesis and walked that stage. Set aside two hours to enjoy your favorite hot tea and read all about that company and CEO you’re interviewing with. Take a look at their social media. Did they participate in the mannequin challenge, or are they a bit more old school? Knowing the culture of a company can help you prepare and relate immensely. Prepare a few notes! You can keep them next to your computer and reference them if you need to. Always ask questions, it lets the employer know you are serious, inquisitive, and put in effort before the interview began.
  6. Call Mom or Dad: Call Mom, Dad, or your college roommate and have them do a mock interview with you. You should pick someone who will be honest with you, so maybe Mom isn’t the best choice for this one. Make sure your Skype name is easy to find. Also, make sure it’s appropriate! Remember that you are trying to start your career, so lukebryans#1fan is probably not your best bet anymore. Speak at a normal pace and just get some genuine practice looking into a camera and presenting yourself. You will find yourself to be way more relaxed and poised during the real thing if you give yourself a few of these practice spins.
  7. Ready, Set, GO: You’ve spent all this time preparing and the interview day is here! Make sure your laptop is charged, your internet connection is reliable, and that you’re having an exceptional hair day. Try to spend the hour leading up to the interview just relaxing. Don’t frantically look up more information about the company or change your mind about your outfit. Breathe, relax, and be sure of who you are and what you bring to the table. Lastly, land that dream job!


 “Adopt don’t shop, take the trip, eat the pizza”

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