Windows 10 Account Settings

Accounts Settings in Windows 10 allows you to manage your Microsoft Account, change sign-in options, set your User picture, change password, change PIN, set a Picture password, connect your PC to Work or School, add family members and set your sync settings.

Windows 10 Account Settings

To manage your Account settings, open the Settings app and click on Accounts.

account settings in Windows 10 PC

This section includes the settings for Your Account, Sign-in options, Work access, Family and other users, and Sync your settings.


Clicking on Manage my Microsoft account takes you to your online account where you can manage all your personal details, your devices, your security and privacy tied with your Microsoft account.

You can also select if you want to use your PC with Microsoft account or want to switch to a local account instead.

Scroll down and you can see the options to edit your picture, to add a new Microsoft account or add a Work or School account.

account settings in Windows 10 PC 1

You have to Sign-in to your Microsoft account to use apps like Office 365, Azure, Skype, Xbox, Bing, etc.

On Windows 10 Anniversary Update to manually set a user image as a picture on your Sign-in screen, navigate to – Open Settings > Accounts > Create your picture > Browse for one, and select a picture of your choice.

Options

account settings in Windows 10 PC 2

Here in this section you can choose whether or not you want to make Windows 10 require password on wakeup from Sleep or never. You can also select how you want to sign-in to your PC. You can change your password, create a PIN in place of password, or sign in to your PC using a picture.

The Related Settings takes you to the Lock screen settings in Personalization.

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Work Access

account settings in Windows 10 PC 3

This Work Access section in the Accounts section allows you to connect your school or work account so that you can share your work files and resources. The related settings here shows the options for joining or leaving a domain, Joining or leaving Azure AD and adding or removing a package for work or school.

Family and Other Users

account settings in Windows 10 PC 4

In this section, you can add the account of your family members if they use Microsoft apps. While adding a family member you have to specify whether you are adding an adult or a child. You can add a user by adding his/her email address and if the user doesn’t have an email account, the settings takes you to the option of creating a new email at 

account settings in Windows 10 PC 5

If you are adding a user other than your family, the settings options let you assign him/her a restricted access. Click on Set up assigned access and you can restrict the other user’s account so that it can access only one Windows app. 

account settings in Windows 10 PC 6

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Sync your settings

account settings in Windows 10 PC 7

This section lets you manage the sync settings of your Windows 10 PC. Y

You can sync your PC to other devices using your Microsoft account. If you turn it ON, you can sync your desktop theme, browser settings, and passwords, language preferences, ease of access settings and your other Windows settings, across all your Windows 10 devices.  You have to be signed in with your Microsoft account. You can see  the individual sync settings, where you manage the sync for each item separately.

To learn more about all that Windows 10 has to offer you, take a look at the Windows 10 Personalization Settings, Privacy Settings, Devices Settings, Time and Language Settings and the Update and Security settings.

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