Why I Cannot Sign in to Skype on My Android

Skype works so well on my Android and I’ve already taken it as one of the most wonderful instant messaging apps in the market. But lately I am having troubles with signing into Skype on Android phone. When looking for solutions online, it’s quite surprising to see that a number of users are also suffering from the Skype login problems. Here I’ve rounded up some tips which could be helpful on solving this issue.

1. Update Skype to the Latest Version Sometimes you might miss the latest update of your Skype app with some bugs fixed due to some reason or another. So check that if you have updated the app to the latest version. This usually solves most sign-in issues.

Check Version

2. Check the Network Open a few websites like www.skype.com or www.microsoft.com on your Android browser, if the websites load quickly then your internet is working fine. However, if it fails to load any websites, then you need to check your device network and ask your internet service provider to see whether there are any service faults in your area.

Check Network

3. Enter the Correct Username or Password It might possible that you have entered the wrong username or password so that you cannot sign in to Skype. But if you can sign in to Skype for Web instead of Skype for Android, that means your credentials are fine. Make sure that you have not type in the wrong letters in your Android device. If you forget your Skype password, you can reset it easily.

Check Password

4. Is Skype Experiencing any Service Issues? If all we’ve mentioned above works well including the internet connection, username & password, latest version of Skype, then it could be the service issues on Skype itself. Check the Heartbeat blog to see if the Skype services are running normally.

Check Service

5. Go to Skype Community and Ask for Help If you still having problem with signing into Skype on Android, then you should go to the Skype Community to ask for help. There will be millions of people that waiting to help.

Skype Community

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