Viewing Skype History Chats and Contacts

It is possible if you want to access the history of chat in skype or even contacts list in Skype without need to logging into it? The answer is Yes, its absolutely possible to do that “thing”. The logged file of all conversation that happen in Skype actually been placed at %APPDATA%/Skype/[Skype_User_Name] directory with chat1234.dbb


To make it able for you to use it with simple handle to reveal those history chat of Skype without logging in, Amit Ranjan has created a simple application to do that called, Skype Revealer. It freeware application that allow you to download and use at free condition.

Feature available in Skype (History Chat) Revealer (formerly called as SkypeMo)

You can reveal information with Skype Revealer including SMS, Transfer and Voice Mail List, Chat Conversation, Contacts List and many more.

Download Skype Revealer

Download Skype Revealer at Softpedia

Compatibility: Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7 and older.

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