Note, the material in this article pertains to both Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync

One of the best features about our platform is interoperability, especially when it comes to Lync and Skype for Business.  Using a VMR, participants on Lync/S4B can join video calls with video endpoints or participants on completely separate platforms, which allows you to use whatever devices or deployments you already have in place.  This extends the reach and adds value to any previous video investments you may have made.  

When joining a VMR on a Skype for Business or Lync client you can take advantage of the following features.

  • Chatting between other Skype users as well as users chatting via the web version of the VMR.

  • Share presentations via “Share Desktop” and “Share Program” in Skype for Business/Lync

  • Maintain the user experience and layout of Skype for Business/Lync

  • Drag an active VMR into an existing Skype for Business/Lync call

Calling a VMR is as simple as entering the video address of the VMR in the search field and selecting “Start Video Call”, however there are several methods to make joining faster.

Adding a VMR to Your Contacts List

  1. If using a VMR frequently it is recommended to add it to your contacts list for easy access.  Enter the video address of the VMR, right click on it and select “Add to Contacts”.


  2. When ready to call the VMR, right click on the contact and select “Start Video Call”


  3. You’ll be connected to the VMR and requested to enter the PIN if you are the host.  Enter the PIN via the phone icon on the lower right.  

Adding a VMR with PIN Added for Immediate Access when Calling a VMR

To access VMR’s more quickly without entering the PIN you can save the contact with the PIN in the video address.  This will allow hosts to directly enter the meeting without entering the PIN.  

  1. Enter the video address in this format  With a VMR address or and a PIN of 4321 it would look like this

  2. This address can be saved as a Contact and whenever a video call is started, the participant will be brought directly into the VMR.

Adding a VMR to a Skype for Business/Lync Meeting

To preserve the experience of the Skype for Business video layout, you can add a VMR to an existing Skype for Business Meeting.  This is also helpful to allow someone without Skype for Business to enter a Skype for Business meeting.  There are two important items to note when creating a meeting in this way:

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