USB Video Conference Skype Room Kit

Windows Based Large Room USB Video Conference Bundle

High Definition quality based on Windows at an affordable price.

 Works with Skype, Vidyo, Zoom, Blue Jeans and every other video conference software you have!  

This kit includes one of our best selling cameras by Logitech – the PTZ Pro, with state of the art audio including ceiling speakers!

The Logitech PTZ Pro Camera is a premium USB-enabled HD 1080p PTZ video camera for use in conference rooms, education, health care and other professional video work spaces.

The PTZ camera features a wide 90° field of view, 10x lossless full HD zoom, ZEISS optics with autofocus, smooth mechanical 260° pan and 130° tilt, H.264 UVC 1.5 with Scale able Video Coding (SVC), remote control, far-end camera control plus 3 presets and camera mounting options for custom installation.

Set-up is a snap with plug-and-play simplicity and a single USB cable-to-host connection.

Leading business certifications—Certified for Skype for Business, Optimized for Lync, Skype® certified, Cisco Jabber® and WebEx® compatible2—ensure an integrated experience with most business-grade UC applications

Phoenix Octopus DSP/Amplifier

This room kit features The Phoenix Audio Octopus!!!  We love the Phoenix Octopus, there is a reason we have become the largest reseller of the Phoenix Octopus. Customers love it and keep coming back for more. In this room kit we include our favorite of all the Phoenix Octopus units, the MT454-PA. What makes this our favorite unit? All in one simplicity. No need for extra amplifiers, or complicated programming. Connect your speakers and microphones, run the free Octopus set up application and done. You now have a room with echo cancellation with ceiling microphones and speakers. It is simple and just works.

Ceiling Microphones for Skype

Yes it can be done, easily we must add by combining the Phoenix Octopus with four Shure ceiling microphones you have a set it and forget it ceiling audio solution for Skype for Business. We have tried other brands of ceiling microphones, but time and time again the Shure’s prove the best performance and value of everything we have tested.

Skull Canyon Intel NUC

When we first started putting kits online we started with a basic i5 Quad Core NUC. It ran OK, but with the advent of 4k monitors/projectors they started bogging down. So we quit the lets skimp on the PC game and upgraded to the latest greatest Intel Skull Canyon NUC with a i7 Quad Core Processor, 16GB RAM, 120SSD to provide you years of use. Each Skull Canyon NUC comes pre-loaded with Windows 64 bit Pro. Technically you can run 3 monitors on the NUC, but we have not tested it yet.

High Level Overview of the Windows Room Kit with the Logitech PTZ Pro and Ceiling Audio:


What is included in the Windows Room Kit:

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