Updating Polycom SIP Phone Firmware

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the Article. I would like to have your advice on below scenario also. Thanks in Advance.

Current Scenario:

We are organization which uses ten thousands of Polycom devices(Includes IP Series and SS Devices) across different geographical locations.

Currenly all devices are using BootRom and SIP 3.3.2 and few locations has SIP 3.3.4.

We follow zero touch provisioning with Centralised Provisioning Server.

So when we connect a device to the network it gets Provisioning server path from DHCP Then it device boots with the BootRom/SIP kept in ‘home’ folder(The Prov Server redirects ../Polycom/PolycomANY/part-no.boot|sip.id to ../polycom/firmware/part-no.boot|sip.id ).

Planned System:

We are planning to upgrade the devices to 4.x. Which comes with latest bootRom 5.0.1 for a pilot location with few hundread devices with central provisioning


There is no difference in bootserver Location/Both bootRoms 4.x and 5.X for a device will be having same name.

To be more clear, If have 100 Polycom650 device, we would like to upgrade only 10 of them to Latest bootRom/SIP with Same Privisioning Server.

Able to acheive different SIP for different locations by using APP_FILE_PATH=’new/sip.ID’ in user level after a user logging in successfully to the device.

Not sure about BootRom. I am unable to get/locate reference for this scenario as its a Mixed environment for BootRoms.

Suggestions are welcome. Kidly redirect me if this question is already answered in this forum


Regards, Ganesh

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