Unlock the Skype for Business Cloud PBX Opportunity

Legacy PBX to Skype for Business Cloud PBX

Unlock the Skype for Business Cloud PBX Opportunity: Tips for System Integrators

Microsoft recently announced several new enhancements to Skype for Business in Office 365. These additions advance the goal of Cloud PBX offering as a complete, enterprise-grade communications solutions.

The enhancements include the availability of auto attendant and call queues, continuing the rapid innovation of the past six months, enabling companies to replace their legacy phone system.

Usage of Skype for Business Online has doubled over the last year, and this growth looks set to continue and even accelerate throughout 2017, given the new features announced[i].

What will this mean for PBX upgrades or migration?

How Can System Integrators Identify Cloud PBX Sales Opportunities 

If your client’s PBX was installed more than 48 months ago, chances are it is nearing end-of-life or already end-of-life.

Migrating from a legacy PBX to Skype for Business Enterprise Voice is rarely a straightforward process. It can be technically and logistically complex as well as extremely time-consuming. However, your clients are also looking to reduce IT costs and telephony charges, and bring increased predictability to communications costs.

This is why solutions like Skype for Business are growing in popularity. One proof point is Microsoft’s own use of PSTN conferencing and enterprise voice which saved them nearly $124,000 per day[ii].

How Can System Integrators Overcome Client Objections

It’s no secret that the telephony capabilities of Skype for Business still lag behind those of Cisco and Avaya. Meaning that either you won’t be able to replace every PBX / user from day one, or your clients will experience loss of some voice functionality.

Competitors may use this as a reason not to move to Skype for Business. However, the reality is that the majority of employees are probably just using basic telephony features already completely supported by Skype for Business.

Only a small portion are using advanced features that fall into four categories:

  • Supported by Skype for Business today
  • In the Skype for Business product road-map
  • Supported by 3rd party vendors
  • Not supported at all

It would make life a lot easier if, at the pre-sale stage, you knew which telephony features were being used.

Win Deals with Univonix Compete

Univonix Compete provides an automated PBX Assessment report of the legacy PBX users and system features usage. This greatly helps System Integrators at the pre-sale stage overcome sales blockers, reduce the scoping risk and win deals.

The report – which is produced in a matter of hours – includes:

  • Mapping of users and system features – Names, Numbers, call forwarding, speed dials, analog lines, common area phones, shared lines, multi lines, boss/secretary features, hunt groups, and pick up groups – As a result, system Integrators can accurately assess workload and time lines, and reduce scoping risk
  • Feature parity with Skype for Business – Number of users with full, partial or no feature parity with Skype for Business – As a result, system Integrators can set the right expectations with customers and maximize Cloud PBX opportunity
  • Mapping devices used – Analog lines, audio conference systems, IP phones, softphones, and video conference systems – As a result, system Integrators can maximize hardware revenue opportunity

In conclusion, Univonix Compete reduces manual labor, avoids errors, and helps you gain the competitive advantage.

Watch the video to see it in action.

For a product demo or sales deep dive, schedule a web meeting as per your preferred timelines: Click Here.

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[ii] Skype for Business accelerates modern collaboration at Microsoft, Jan 2017:https://www.microsoft.com/itshowcase/Article/Content/855/Skype-for-Business-accelerates-modern-collaboration-at-Microsoft

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