Troubleshoot No Video, Audio or Sound in Skype calls on Windows

Skype is one of the best VoIP services. We have seen how to setup and use Skype on a Windows PC. However, some people have faced various issues related to audio as well as video. Many people have claimed that the sound is not as good as it should be or there is some problem regarding the video. If Skype Video or Audio is not working or Calls are not connecting in Windows 10, then this post will show you how to troubleshoot & fix the problems.

No video, No Audio or No Sound in Skype

Such problems usually device oriented. In other words, if one solution does work for you, it doesn’t mean that it would be working for all the other people. Go through the entire list of suggestions first and then see what may apply to your case.

1] Check the audio driver of your computer

This is probably the first thing you should check when you are not getting any sound during a Skype call. Sometimes, drivers may work in a strange way, and hence you may not get decent audio or sound. Therefore, you should check the audio driver. Also, you can play other audio using various media players to confirm the fault. In case you think that the problem is related to the audio driver, you should reinstall or upgrade it as soon as possible. This post will show you how to Uninstall, Disable, Roll Back, Update Device Drivers.

2] Check the microphone

There are mainly two types of sound issues. First, you hear what the other person is saying. Second, the other person is not able to hear what you are saying. Both of the problems can be solved by checking the microphone. If you are using the inbuilt speaker of your laptop, this solution may not work well, but you can indeed fix the issue by getting a different headset. This post will help you if your Skype Audio or Microphone is not working.

3] Check if the audio/video is muted in Skype

During a call, Skype allows users to mute or unmute the audio as well as video. In case you have turned them on and forgot to reverse the settings, you would not be able to get send/receive audio and video. Therefore, check whether the audio/video is unmuted or not. If the audio and video buttons have a slash, you should click on them to disable. Check the image for a better understanding.

No video, Audio or Sound in Skype calls

4] Make sure your webcam is fully functional

Sometimes, the problem occurs because of having broken webcam or mic. In such a case, you cannot get the video of the person from the other end. If you are using an external webcam or an inbuilt webcam of the laptop, try to capture images using it. Or, try to reinstall/update the driver.

5] Check the microphone settings in Skype

No video, Audio or Sound in Skype calls

If you are not receiving audio or the recipient is not able to hear you, you should check the audio settings in Skype for Windows. Open Skype > go to Tools > Options > Audio Settings. You should select the audio source that you want to use and ensure that it is fully functional. Also, if the Automatically adjust microphone settings is turned off, make sure that the volume level is set to the maximum. In addition, check whether you are seeing green bar while talking using the audio source.

6] Check video settings in Skype

Make sure that you can see yourself using the Skype test. To do this, go to Tools > Options > Video settings. Here you will see your own view right in the Skype window. If you are seeing it then your webcam is working fine. Otherwise, check the 4th solution in this article. There are some other settings as well that can be obtained by clicking on the Webcam Settings. Ensure that all is fine here too.

7] Check Skype privacy settings

Skype will allow users to manage or disable the webcam. For example, you can set the setting to Anyone, when everyone can see you. So, if you someone is not getting you on a Skype video call, make sure that you have listed that person in your contact list and set the settings to People in my contact list only. In terms of privacy, this is the best security feature. In case, it is set to No one, nobody will be able to find your video during a video call.

8] Check if other programs are blocking sound/video

Although this is quite rare but there are some programs which may prevent your microphone or webcam from using other tools such as Skype. If you have installed such a program knowingly or unknowingly, you should check your system and disable or uninstall it.

9] Check the Internet connection

Sometimes a bad internet connection can prevent you from getting good sound or video since Skype requires a fast internet connection to make a call. If you are receiving very bad video/audio quality, make sure your internet connection is working well.

10] Reset Skype settings

If your messages, data, images are not being sent or received, you can reset Skype settings to default. To do this, close Skype and then open File Explorer, type the following in the address bar and hit Enter: %appdata%. Locate the Skype folder and rename it to Skype-Old.

Now in the Explorer address bar, type the following in the address bar and hit Enter: %temp%/skype. Now locate the DbTemp folder and delete it.

This will reset Skype settings. For your information, the old messages will be stored in the Skype-Old folder.

We hope something helps you. If you need more help, maybe this post will help you troubleshoot Windows 10 Sound and Audio problems.

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