Top Hidden Skype Chat Tricks

Skype is definitely one of the most loved communication platforms today. Personally, I have benefited much from Skype. It saves me a lot from phone bills, helps me send instant messages to my contacts, and I get to stay in touch with my friends!

Virtually, most people are now always online because of applications such as Skype.

Nobody really knows how many people are now using Skype. But we can be certain that there are already over 500,000 million Skype downloads that were already made.

There is no doubt that millions of people are now using Skype, but how many people really know how to use Skype to its fullest potential? Do you know that there are many chat tricks that you might not even know that exist in Skype? I will show you in this post some of the little known tricks and tips that you’d wished you know.

1. Emoticons


Emoticons are great way to add emotions to your text. The most commonly used Emoticons in Skype are those found only when you click the emoticon icon. However, try to type this following words or letters and see what you can come up with.

(hollest), (Mooning), (wfh), (drunk), (skype) or (ss), (smoking), (e), (toivo), (time), (rock), (movie), (headbang), (u), (bug), (ph), (oliver), (soccer), (fubar), (call), (swear), (punch), (zilmer), (poolparty)

There are also ways to use a flag emoticon of your country. You can easily search for the codes for your country’s flag by searching it on the Internet.

2. Change font style


It is great to know that you can change your font appearance in Skype. By default, Skype use Tahoma font style and you can change this by going to Options -> IM & SMS -> IM appearance -> change font.

3. Freeze emoticons


I know there is a point in Skype experience when emoticons become annoying rather than amusing. When this happens, you can simply go to Options -> IM & SMS -> IM appearance -> uncheck Show animated emoticons.

4. Hide “I am writing” indicator


You don’t want to be spied on? Then, you can disable the feature that tells your contact that you are entering a text. Simply go to Tools -> Options -> IM & SMS -> Show advance options -> then uncheck the Show when I am typing.

5. Edit and/or remove sent messages


I know it really happens; you regretted typing something after pushing the Enter button. Sometimes, when we are in a hurry or we are chatting with too many people, we send a message that wasn’t meant for them. This can be potentially frustrating. Thankfully, you can edit or remove the message you just sent. To do this, right-click the message you want to change, and then choose Edit Message or Remove Message.

6. Share screen


There are times when you badly need to show your contact something real time, but the only way to do that is to have a screen image capture or screen video capture. Now, this problem is finally solved through Skype’s share screen feature. With Share screen feature, you can easily demonstrate something to your contact, describe a photo vividly, and perform tutorials. To share your screen, perform a video call, look for the “+” button and click that. A popup option will show then select Share screen option.

7. Change contact name


You can change your contact name in anyway you want. Choose a contact, hover your mouse pointer over their name. An ‘edit’ icon will appear. It is like a pen and paper icon. Click that and from there, you can already change your contact name.

8. Remove Ads


Ads can bother you as they will unnecessarily grab your attention. You can go to Tools -> Options -> Notifications -> Alerts & messages -> uncheck the Promotions box.

9. Add line breaks

By default, you will send a message by pushing the Enter button. If you are used to using the Enter button to go below a line, this will not work in Skype. So if you want to add line breaks without disrupting continuity, you can simply press Shift+Enter or Crtl+Enter.

10. Shortcuts and hotkeys


They call it instant messaging because you can send instant messages; however, you can even perform faster instant messaging with the help of hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. Through the use of hotkeys, you can use the keyboard to answer a call, ignore call, hang up, focus Skype, mute microphone, answer call with video, and more. To assign a hotkey, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Hotkeys.

11. Share contacts


You can always click the “+” button to share contact detail to a particular friend, but there is a faster way to do this. While chatting with a friend, drag a contact from the Contacts tab to the message area. That way, you can instantly share contact detail.

12. Notification setting


You have a message you don’t want to miss? Use the notification setting to set a keyword which will enable Skype to alert whenever that keyword is mentioned. When you are in the chat window, go to Conversation -> Notification setting -> then customize your setting.

13. Chat with many people at the same time


The chat window and the Menu window can be separated by going to View and clicking Compact View. When you have done this, you can now chat with different people at the same time. Double click a two or more of your contacts and multiple windows will be open. Click the Default view to restore Skype to its original form.

14. Leave a conversation


Group chat or call can be very useful, but it can be distracting as well. Since people can easily add you in a group conversation without your permission, you can be annoyed with persistent messages you deem unimportant. Right click a group conversation and select Leave conversation. This way, you will not be notified anymore for any activity from that group.

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