The Microsoft’s Innovation to Skype Calls Through 3D Hologram Avatar

A telepresence 3D technology that has started the existence of Microsoft research project will be a new official product, as the new list suggests. One of the largest technologies, Microsoft Inc. has just started to advertise a new development engineer for the software who is responsible to help in developing software and hardware capable of presenting remote workers of holographic. Microsoft is looking forward to expand the innovation to Skype, permitting users to take pleasure in this newly invented high-definition communication in video and voice calling software.

Basically, Skype is a video chatting on an unofficial verb. It offers the most popular services in the whole world – that is the free video calls and free video making. It allows every group to meet and have an easy conference, long distance romancing, and international friendliness.

But, according to Microsoft, the smart televisions and the flat screens of computers are insufficient. According to the report, the company has just started to work on a complete 3D interactive hologram telepresence, letting the users to video chat or call avatars.

The viewport research project is what the job listing targets. It is a continued development. Just revealed this year, there is a lot of features which revealed the uses of a Viewport project and this include 3D reconstruction, color cameras, infrared dot patterns, and projectors in creating a huge teleconferencing system. Unless the Microsoft Company can prove people the goodness of this feature, if the holographic 3D avatar system will become a real product, users are more likely to spit out extra dollars to upgrade and ensure their devices such as cameras, televisions and computers are compatible. This would be workload for a somewhat gimmicky feature.

Skype chatting is a virtual face-to-face conversion, but the Microsoft company is researching new ways to create the virtual conversation more personal. The job listings have suggested that the company works on the telepresence technology which portrays a virtual hologram of your Skype experience.

The Microsoft Company has not yet confirmed these plans to the public, however the latest job listing of Skype has called for a development engineer to create software embodied with a realistic physical proxy or ‘body double.’

This post, according to one reliable source, that Microsoft is currently working on the development of both software and hardware making this technology type possible. The long term plans would involve this advanced 3D hologram telepresence feature to the Skype.

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