The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Recently, more and more people have been choosing online lessons instead of physical ones. Music is one of the most searched-about topics in the world of online learning. Wondering why? Read on to learn about its advantages beforehand and see if learning music online might be right for you.

FaceTime Music Lessons

The Internet is a vast wonderland, especially for quick searches such as finding the correct chords for a specific song, or maybe the sheet music for your favorite sonata. However, if you learn solely by going on YouTube to scour for lessons, you can end up focusing on something that’s not useful or learn something that you don’t really need, or even learn the wrong way of doing it. It also opens up more room for mistakes, confusion and frustration, as you’re relying on pre-made lessons for a more general audience.

Google Hangouts Music Lessons

For these reasons if you want to learn music online, a more personalized or tailored solution should be your first choice. Specifically, taking live 1-on-1 lessons with an expert teacher, for example using a video call on Skype, Apple FaceTime or a Google Hangout. The best part is that everyone can access this kind of online music lesson, regardless of their current abilities or instrument interest. From beginners to seasoned professionals, there’s bound to be a lesson that can suit your tastes and needs.

Skype Music Lessons

With live and online music lessons, aside from the fact that you’re getting exactly the lessons that you need or want, they’re also available whenever and wherever there’s internet access, and you can still reap the benefits of maintaining a schedule with your own personal music teacher.

Let’s continue to a more detailed explanation of the benefits of online music lessons.


Compared with traditional music lessons, online lessons are particularly convenient. You don’t even have to leave your home to take a lesson! All you need is your instrument and a computer with an internet connection.

You simply log on to your Skype or FaceTime account at a scheduled hour, and then start the lesson with your instructor.

Staying at home means you won’t experience the stress of commuting while carrying a heavy musical instrument, especially during a particularly hot or rainy day. If you’re already occupied with work or school during the morning or afternoon, you can use your free time in the early morning or evenings for your lessons. It also reduces the odds of you missing a lesson because of the weather or traffic.

online music lessons are convenient

This can also work well if you’re a parent who’s juggling a lot of activities throughout the day. You can plan your lesson schedule around your kids’ activities, or even have them participate or enroll in online music lessons for themselves. There is really no limit to how you can fit these lessons around your life. You could be an elementary school student or a retiree and still be able to pick up a new instrument or musical skill using online music lessons.

Sometimes, a student might be too shy to play in an unfamiliar environment, making it more difficult for the teacher to reach out. Taking online lessons from the comfort of their own home, the student is free to be themselves so that the teacher can properly diagnose what needs to be improved and changed with the student’s playing.

Freedom to pick the ideal teacher for your instrument

If you’re planning on taking online lessons, keep in mind you can get access to different instructors from different areas, maybe even someone from a different country. Instead of being limited to those teachers in your local area, when you choose online lessons you can find the ideal teacher who specialises in exactly what you want to learn.

This expands your choices and can help you find someone that can effectively improve your skills and focus on your learning goal. A good music instructor will prepare a lesson plan that will work specifically for your level of expertise and your target goals. Some online teachers even offer advice or help outside “class” hours via email or instant messaging, ensuring you have all the learning support you need.

Find your ideal music teacher

The worldwide nature of online music lessons also provides the freedom to even try out an instrument that’s from a different country or culture. Of course, you can also arrange lessons for voice, piano, guitar, or drums on the internet. However, there are lessons for sitar or shamisen as well! You’re not limited to the common instruments. Find what interests you and pursue it.

The freedom to learn at your own pace is refreshing, and although this can sometimes lead you to slacking off, your online teacher can help with the motivation and encourage you to continue on with your learning. Being busy or not having enough time is no longer an excuse with these lessons! There are some students who will take their online lessons even if they’re sick or have colds. The key is self-discipline and maintaining your motivation, both of which a good online teacher can help you with.

At the end of your agreed course of lessons, you’ll most likely want to continuing learning. As with most aspects of learning music online, you are free to make the choice that best suits you. Continue with the same teacher or find one who better matches your new abilities and interests.

Extensive resources for learning and better feedback

The internet is a great source for anything and everything, and this certainly holds true for online music lessons. However, there is also a lot of junk out there which can waste your time or set you on the wrong path!

Your online music instructor can recommend the proper software and tools for you to use when you’re not having lessons together. There are countless websites that can provide you with the information that you need and your instructor will know the best choices. Problems or mistakes during lessons can also be quickly addressed by directing you to further online resources.

You have to freedom to choose the material that can match your interests and allow you to learn at your own pace. There are also mobile apps that can be very useful for your lessons. The amazing thing is, these resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with the help of your online music teacher you will know exactly how to get the maximum benefit from them.

More cost effective than live, in-person lessons

Traditional music lessons tend to be more expensive than online music lessons. This may seem counter-intuitive, as normally the more modern, technological option is pricier! However there are several reasons that learning music online can save you money.

With traditional lessons you normally have to pay a fee for the school or music room, for your commute, pay your teacher, and possibly pay other fees for the school they work for. With online music lessons on the other hand, you’re saving money by not commuting and having the lessons at the comfort of your own home. There is no need for you to buy expensive learning materials or equipment issued by the school to supplement the lessons.

Worried that you’ll need to spend money on fancy equipment to take online lessons? In fact, since most computer models nowadays have built-in webcams and microphones, you won’t have to spend extra money on those equipment for your lessons. You can also choose to use your tablet (e.g. an iPad) if you don’t have a suitable computer to use.

Perhaps the biggest cost benefit of online music lessons though is that teachers typically charge a bit less for internet lessons than they would for in-person lessons. This works well for the teacher because they can find more students and schedule more lessons into their week due to the convenience of online lessons. And the student reaps the benefit, by paying a lower hourly rate than they would for in-person lessons.

Online Music Lesson Tips

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of learning music online to whet your appetite, let’s wrap up with a few tips on how to make the best out of online music lessons.

Don’t be afraid to interact

Connect with your teacher and don’t hesitate to become friends with them. Being friendly will help you feel at ease and relax when you’re having lessons, leading to a much more personalized and stress-free session.

Don’t focus too much on a teacher’s credentials. Some musicians who might have the most experience and teaching qualifications can turn out to be the ones who have trouble effectively teaching others. Take your time in getting to know your teacher. With online music lessons it’s far easier to try a first lesson with several teachers to find the right match for you than it is with traditional music lessons. So take the time to find the right teacher who makes you feel relaxed and is able to teach you effectively.

Research the music lessons offered by a school

There are various schools of music online, many offering the kind of live online instrument lessons we’ve been talking about.

Read reviews and evaluate the feedback left by people online. Are the services affordable? Are the teachers available to offer some help or advice outside of lessons? Do they deliver on their promise?

Some websites might even be a scam, so take the extra precaution in seeking out reviews about particular sites or teachers. You’re handing over your cash, so it’s your right to know if you’re going to get your money’s worth! Try to talk to a few people who have previously taken online music lessons before and ask if they can recommend reputable sites for you.

Clarify the aspect of music are you interested in learning

Are you interested in learning how to play an instrument? Or are you also curious about reading sheet music? List down all the things that you would like to learn in your online music lessons and lay them out to your teacher so they can assess on how your lessons should go.

Would you want your teacher to drone on for three hours, explaining the full history of the guitar when you’re actual goal is just to memorize guitar chords? Be specific with what you do and don’t want to learn, and include any pieces that you want to play during lessons so the teacher can incorporate these. Do however bear in mind that your teacher will have the experience to design a suitable curriculum. There may be topics which you don’t think you need to learn but your teacher knows are vital! So be open to discussing and designing your planned learning path together.

It also helps if you can accurately judge your skill levels beforehand. Don’t take an advanced class if you’re only beginning to pick up a guitar. On the other hand, if you’ve had previous experience, you can take refresher lessons.


We’ve discussed just a few of the advantages gained by learning music online and a few tips for making the best out of it. Now the rest is up to you!

There are many exciting musical instruments out there that you can easily learn during your spare time. Technology has come a long way, so use it to your advantage. Maximize your experience learning music by finding a your perfect provider of online music lessons and starting to learn music online today!

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