Step by Step Skype for Business Installation Part 3 –


In first 2 parts of step by step skype for business installation, we have performed the per-requisities and prepared Skype for business standard edition server. We have also defined the topology and publish the topology. In this part, we will Install Skype for business server system and Enable the users for Skype for business to complete the deployment of Skype for Business.

Install Skype for Business Server System

To install Skype for Business server system, perform the following steps.

  • Launch Skype for Business Deployment Wizard and click on Install or Update Skype for Business Server System
  • Click Run to install the local configuration store
  • Select the option to directly retrieve the information from Central Management Server
  • Click Finish to complete the local configuration store installation wizard
  • Click on Setup Skype for Business Server component
  • Click Next to start the wizard configuration
  • Make sure you have KB2982006 installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 otherwise you’ll receive below error message.

Prerequisite not satisfied: Before you install Skype for Business Server 2015, you must Install an update for Windows Server 2012 R2. For details about the update, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2982006, “IIS crashes occasionally when a request is sent to a default document in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2” at

  • Click Finish to complete the wizard

Request, Install and Assign Certificate

Once we have completed the Setup or Remove Skype for Business Server Component task, the next step is to request, install or assign the certificate.

  • Click Run for Request, Install or Assign Certificate in Skype for Business Deployment Wizard
  • Click on Request to request a certificate from local CA
  • In Request certificate wizard, make sure to setup the Friendly name of the certificate and select your SIP domain
  • Click Next on certificate summary to complete the wizard.
  • Click Next once the cmdlets are executed successfully.
  • Make Sure “Assign this certificate to Skype for Business Server certificate usage” checkbox is selected and click on Finish
  • In Certificate Assignment wizard, Click Next
  • Review the Certificate Assignment summary and click Next to execute the cmdlets
  • Click Finish once the commands are executed successfully
  • Click Close on certificate wizard to Finish the process

Start Skype for Business Services

The last step for Skype for Business deployment is to start the services of Skype for Business server using Skype for Business management shell. Run the following cmdlet to start the services.

Start-CsPool -PoolFQDN

This step complete our installation of Skype for Business step by step guide. The next step is to assign users to CsPool and enable the users to start using Skype for Business.


In Part 3 of this step by step blog series of Skype for Business, we have performed the tasks to complete the Skype for Business installation. we have completed the tasks related to certificate request, assignment and start the Skype services to service the end user.


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