Step-By-Step Guide to Recording Meetings in Skype for Business

Step-By-Step Guide to Recording Meetings in Skype for Business on

Learn how to record and store Skype for Business meetings with ease.

While Office 365 offers a host of tools like OneNote that make taking great notes easy during meetings, it’s often beneficial to have recordings of these meetings as well. This way, you’ll always have a record of important meeting details that you can reference at a later point. In addition, meeting recordings can also be beneficial to share with participants who may not have been able to attend the initial meeting.

Skype for Business (SfB) offers an easy way to record meetings for later use. Recording a meeting in SfB captures the video, audio, chat, screensharing, whiteboard activity, and PowerPoint slides as well as polling data.

Steps to Record a Meeting in Skype for Business

Use the following steps to record your next meeting in Skype for Business:

1. Start a meeting in Skype for Business.

2. Click on the Ellipsis in the lower right hand corner and select Start Recording.

3. After starting a recording you’ll now see that you have controls to Pause or Stop your recording.

How to Access Recorded Skype for Business Meetings

1. After you complete a Skype for Business recording you’ll see a message in your system tray that gives you access to the Skype for Business Recording Manager.

2. Here you’re able to access past Skype for Business recordings. If you click Browse next to the recording that you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to the folder where your meetings are stored.

3. From this location you can rename, edit, or open your Skype for Business recordings in a variety of multimedia programs.

More Skype for Business Tips

As you can see, recording a meeting with Skype for Business is incredibly easy and intuitive. If you’re looking for more information on Skype for Business or just want to learn about other Office 365 tips, be sure to follow the Office 365 Adoption blog or contact our team today at 877-788-1617.

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