Sony 2013 HDTV Lineup

Sony have completely redesigned their HDTV / UHDTV lineup for 2013 with all new models.

Sony’s 2013 HDTV lineup is still fairly condensed into just six series, but their range covers the market very well. While Sony was proudly showing off their prototype 4K OLED TV and their new smaller 4K Ultra HD TV’s from the X900, you’ll be pleased to know that they also released a number of “standard” 1080p HDTVs from their other series which will be outline below.

We were lucky enough to view Sony’s impressive 2013 offerings at CES 2013, so be sure to check out our Sony 2013 TVs booth tour video. Click read more for Sony’s whole 2013 TV lineup!

Update: Also be sure to view our Sony 2013 TV comparison table for an easy overview of all models, features, specifications and sizes.

Sony X900 Series

Sitting proudly at the top of their lineup is the Sony X900 series, these are Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TVs.

While Sony released their $25,000 84-Inch 4K TV last September, (view our Sony XBR-84X900 hands on video), they have now added to their 4K X900 series with the 65-Inch Sony XBR-65X900, and 55-Inch Sony XBR-55X900.

These 4K TVs are cutting edge and leading the way in TV technology.  Boasting a 4K / Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, four times the resolution of 1080p.  The huge 84-Inch 84X900 from last year is not only huge, but also carries a huge price tag, so we’re pleased to see Sony introduce more reasonably sized UHDTVs, with what Sony says will boast a “competitive” price tag, and be available in early Spring.

Sony XBR-55X900

These top of the line 4K Ultra HDTVs feature edge-lit LED lighting with local dimming, 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass, front facing 65w magnetic fluid speakers which have a smaller profile, but keep their sound quality. They’re also passive 3D TVs, Smart TVs, have built in WiFi and near field communication (NFC) for use with Sony apps. They also support simulview for two person gaming, 4K X-Reality Pro for upscaling to 4K and TRILUMINOS technology for improved more vibrant and broader colors.

Sony W900 Series / KDL-55W900

The top of the range / flagship “standard” 1080p HDTV (non 4K) is the Sony W900 series. Currently this series consists solely of the 55-Inch Sony KDL-55W900A, but other sizes in the W900 series will be announced shortly.

It features X-Reality PRO image processing for extra fine details and image enhancement. Just as with the X900 the W900 also features TRILUMINOS display technology for enhanced colors and depth. It makes use of dynamic edge LED lighting for enhanced contrast and deeper black levels. The W900 replaces the 2012 XBR-950 series. It is a Smart TV, or as Sony likes to call it, an Internet TV with app support.

Sony KDL-55W900

The Sony KDL-55W90 features Sony’s highest Motionflow XR 960 technology for sharp images during fast motion scenes, and eliminates image judder during panning scenes. High quality fully range sound is provided by Sony’s S-Force Surround Sound speakers. 1080p active 3D also provides simulview technology for two player full screen gaming. The W900’s have a Gorilla Glass screen, surrounded by a bezel less design, with a built in HD camera for Skype video calls.

Sony W802

The Sony W802 series currently consists of the 47-Inch Sony KDL-47W802, and 55-Inch Sony KDL-55W802. More sizes may be announced at a later date. The Sony W802 series comes one notch down from the W900. It still features the X-Reality PRO image processing, but lacks the TRILUMINOS technology, and makes use of the Motionflow XR 480 technology rather than 960, but in all honestly 480 is more than fast enough.

Sony KDL-55W802

The Sony KDL-47W802A and KDL-55W802A are also both LED edge lit with dynamic lighting, and feature the S-Force surround sound speakers. They replace the HX750 and HX850 series from 2012. It is also a Smart TV / Internet TV, with passive 3D technology and comes with four pairs of 3D glasses. SimulView also provides two player full screen gaming. WiFi and NFC provides wireless mirroring via your smartphone or tablet.

  • Sony KDL-47W802 | 47-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.
  • Sony KDL-55W802 | 55-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.

Sony W650 | KDL-32W650

The Sony W650 series currently consists solely of the 32-Inch Sony KDL-32W650. Sony are describing the KDL32W650 as a pro-grade detail TV for any room, thanks to its X-Reality PRO image processing.

Sony KDL-32W650

It features edge LED lighting with Motionflow XR 240 motion handling and S-Force 3D Surround Sound. It has a 1080p LCD screen, and is a Smart TV with app support and built in WiFi. Skype is also supported with an additional webcam. Although it is an Internet TV, it doesn’t support 3D.

  • Sony KDL-32W650 | 32-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.

Sony R550 Series

The Sony R550 is the first of three “R” series HDTVs from Sony. The R550 series consists of three larger sized HDTVs, the 50-Inch Sony KDL-50R550A, 60-Inch Sony KDL-60R550A, and finally the huge 70-Inch Sony KDL-70R550A.

Sony KDL-60R550

These R550 series TVs are edge LED lit with a thin design and Motionflow XR 240 motion handling. Smart TV function are included with built in WiFi and wireless mirroring support. All are 3D TVs and come with four pairs of passive 3D glasses. Skype is also supported via an optional webcam. DIRECT TV customers with Genie whole home HD DVR will work without an additional DVR.

  • Sony KDL-50R550 | 47-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.
  • Sony KDL-60R550 | 60-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.
  • Sony KDL-70R550 | 70-Inch, pricing and availability unknown.

We’re also hearing about the R520 series, but can’t find any information about. Screen sizes include 70-inch Sony KDL-70R520 and 60-inch Sony KDL-60R520.

Sony KDL-40R450

The 40-Inch Sony KDL-40R450 is a Smart TV with edge LED lighting. It features a 1080p resolution, Motionflow XR 120 motion handling. It features Clear Resolution Enhancer, and 4 HD inputs. It will be available in March / April time.

Sony KDL-40R450

Sony KDL-32R400

Finally we have the 32-Inch Sony KDL-32R400. The KDL-32R400A is Sony’s most basic model for 2013, it will be available at stores like Walmart. The 32-Inch HDTV has a 720p resolution, and direct LED lighting. Even though it is a very basic model it still supports Motionflow XR 120 technology and Clear Resolution Enhancer.

Sony KDL-32R400

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