[Solved] 0xc00007b Error

Today we are again with yet another interesting solution for an error message on windows. Getting errors on your Windows PC is not a new topic but you may get wondered while you see new types or error messages and warnings. the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b is such an issue, you may often see during opening new applications or games. So today we are discussing about various fix for “the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b” error message.

Here is the email we received from Thomas Moore from Germany regarding this issue. He was unable to play Sims 4 due to 0xc00007b error and our suggestion works fine.

Hi ageofwindows team,

I am Thomas from Germany and I got your contact from YouTube. I want to know the solution for an error message. Last month, I upgrade my Windows 8.1 to windows 10 and installed Sims 4 game on it. My windows 10 is Running on 64-bit. The funny fact is that my friend using the same Laptop could able to play the game. [Don’t tell anybody that I am using a cracked version LoL] What is the reason behind this issue? Could you please connect me to resolve this issue? My skype id is th________

Best regards

Thomas Moore

0xc00007b Error - The application was unable to start correctly

The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b Common Solution

Our findings about this error message is that, this message is commonly found in 64 bit windows OS. Usually in windows 8, windows 8.1 and finally in windows 10. The major reason behind this problem is the configuration issues with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. You may have seen the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed on Control panel. If any files got damaged, the above error may occur. So the first option to overcome this issues is to replace the corrupted files or re install the necessary files.

Solution1:- Replace Microsoft Visual C++ files

By this way you are going to replace the files in visual C++ which are usually get damaged due to various reason. You can download the files from .net framework from here.

#1:- Now Extract the file anywhere on your PC.

#2:- Now you need to reboot your PC in safe mode.

#2a:- Restart Your Windows

#2b:- before Windows get loaded, press F8 Continuously to enter the Safe Mode. There you can choose Safe Mode.

#3:- Now navigate to C:/Windows/System32

#4:- Find out the files you have downloaded and extracted. Copy all of them to C:/Windows/System32 by replacing the current file.

#5:- Now reboot the system in Normal mode.

Now you have completed the first possible solution for 0xc00007b Error message. Try restarting the application which cause the 0xc00007b Error. In 50% Cases, this steps resolve the issue.

Solution2:- Re install Directx

This is another solution that you can try. Like the above situation, you may have damaged Directx files on your Computer. Main reason are overriding older version of Directx or Virus attacks. So you can resolve this by installing new version of Direct x.

#1:- Uninstall Current Directx files through control panel.

#2:- Now delete all files inside C:\Windows\System32\Drectx.

#3:- Download the latest Directx from Microsoft page.

Solution3:- Re Install .Net Framework

You may have heard about .NET Framework. If you are going to run some new software tools, you probably see a dialogue box asking you to install the latest version of .NET Framework.  .NET Framework is a programming infrastructure that had developed by Microsoft which aims to build and run applications and services that use dot Net technologies. It includes Websites and desktop applications. It includes various language runtime and the class library for .NET Framework.

You can download and install the latest .net framework from here.

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