SMC Skype Wifi Phone Product Support Page

SMC WSKP100 Skype Wifi Phone Support Page

WSKP100 Data Sheet

  • SMC_Skype_Wifi_Phone_with_Skin

    Download Datasheet at here

SMC WSKP100 Skype Wifi Phone Review

  • SMC Skype Wi-Fi Phone Preview – Part I
  • SMC Skype Wi-Fi Phone Preview – Part II

WSKP100 User Manual

  • Download English version at here
  • Download Spanish version at here
  • Download German version at here
  • Download Dutch version at here
  • Download Portuguese version at here
  • Download Swedish version at here
  • Download French version at here

WSKP100 Firmware

  • Download the latest Firmware – WSKP100 Firmware V1.0.0.24 (English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese with FON support)

SMC Support

  • US Support
  • For support outside of US, go to SMC website, select the country you are in and then select support.
  • SMC Resource Page

Operating Tips

Reboot: Reboot everything. See “Reboot – A Way to Fix your Skype Device” for more details.

Static IP Address: If you have problem with connection, try using a static IP address for the phone. You need to reserve an IP address on your router. Then reconfigure your phone by setting TCP/IP to Static IP with the reserved ip address. Fill in all other related fields such as DNS, default gateway, subnet mask… You can obtain the info from your router configuration page.

Charging Cradle: Do not leave your phone logged on in the cradle. The cradle somehow occasionally interferes with the phone’s reception and causes connection loss.


  • What is the difference between SMC, Netgear, Belkin and Linksys Skype wifi phones?

Ans: They all originate from the same Accton design. (Netgear / Belkin / Linksys bought the design from Accton.) The circuitry of the phones is identical. There is only a slight difference between the outline design / software. Because SMC is Accton’s own brand in the US, we suggest you purchase the SMC Skype wifi phone.  

  • Can I use the SMC Skype phone anywhere around the world?

Ans: Yes and no. As long as you can find a Wifi hot spot, the SMC Skype wifi phone will work. However, the SMC Skype wifi phone does not have a built-in browser. If the wifi hot spot requires that you sign-in with your ID and password using a web browser, it won’t work. In other words, the SMC Skype wifi phone will operate in an opened or WEP/WAP/WAP2 encrypted wifi zone. You can find this type of wifi zone in many public places, such as libraries, schools and airports.

  • Can I start making inexpensive phone calls from home right after I receive my SMC Skype wifi phone?

Ans: You are very close! However, you will need to have some other equipment set up before doing so. First, in order to make Skype calls, you need to have a broadband connection. After you have established the broadband connection, you will need a wifi router / access point to send signals to your SMC Skype wifi phone. With the wifi router / access point installed, all you need to do is connect your phone to the router / access point, sign up for a Skype account and you are ready to enjoy the full benefits of Skype!

  • What kind of wifi router / access point is required to make the SMC Skype wifi phone work?

Ans: What you need is a 802.11b or 802.11g wifi router / access point. If you don’t already have one, you can consider purchasing an SMC wifi phone charger with an access point built-in. The model number is SMCDPCR-AP. It is a charging stand with wifi connection capability.   

  • I want to read more information about this phone. Where can I go to find more information?

Ans: We have a product review on this phone. Please click here to see the SMC Skype Wifi Phone review.

  • My SMC phone worked before, but it is locked now. I have tried pushing the buttons and nothing happens. What can I do to unlock the phone?

Ans: You can open the battery compartment on the back of the SMC phone, remove the battery from the phone for approx. 20 secs, replace the battery back into the phone, and the phone should now be unlocked.

  • I have difficulty opening the battery compartment. Is there a trick to do so?

Ans: Please see the step-by-step SMC Skype Wifi Phone battery compartment cover open guide at HERE.

  • I hear noise during a call. How can I improve the call quality?

Ans: You should first update the firmware of the SMC Skype wifi phone. Please see the step-by-step SMC Skype Wifi Phone Firmware updating guide at HERE. In addition, you need to make sure you have a good wifi connection signal wherever you are using this phone. A lot of times, it is a wifi connection issue, not a phone issue, which impacts the Skype call quality.

  • Can I buy SkypeOut credit through the SMC Skype wifi phone?

Ans: At this point, Skype requires users to go to to buy SkypeOut credit. There are currently no other options available. At present, you need to log on to on your computer to buy SkypeOut credit.

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