Skype’s big v8.0 app update is live in the Play Store

Skype has been around for a long time and has gone through some big changes over the years. The new v8.0 update might be the biggest one yet, though. It brings some Snapchat-like features including “add-in” services and “Highlights,” which are basically Stories. This feels a bit like one giant “fellow kids” meme.

Skype has neglected to include a changelog for the new version, but there are some videos that explain the basics.

The chat screen has been split into three tabs for Find, Chat, and Capture. The Find screen is where you can share content from third-party services (these are the add-ins). Chat is where your messages live, and they have weird gradient background now. The capture tab has a camera interface that’s a dead ringer for Snapchat. The app’s Highlights are Snapchat Stories. I mean, they aren’t, but this is clearly what Skype was emulating.

Despite announcing this update more than a week ago, the app is only now rolling out in the Play Store. The initial response from users is not positive; lots of 1 and 2-star reviews. You can grab it the normal way, or find the APK on APK Mirror.

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