Skype, What?!

The Simple How To: Skype Interview. Don’t lose out because you don’t know how to use the technology. It’s not that scary, it won’t bite and it’s the first step in securing a teaching job abroad. 

Nowadays, overseas employers are able to interview a far greater number of candidates than ever before. How is this possible, Jessica?! Well, my friends, I’d like to personally welcome you to the world of today, no longer tomorrow. What does this mean for you? You’ve got competition. Here’s the first step to winning at your job search: know how to use Skype. 

Let’s face it, anyone born in the mid-80’s onward, rarely talks on the phone anymore. Um, texting, BBM’ing, online chatting..hello? And calling long distance is expensive anyway for those of you with friends or family members overseas or for those of you ‘in transit’. No, I’m not about to sell you a long distance plan or offer you a certain amount of minutes for a low monthly fee. Here we will discuss the marvelous, futuristic world of the video conference interview. 

Most recruitment firms that specialize in placing candidates in jobs abroad will conduct their interviews via Skype. It may seem inconvenient or trickier than just picking up the phone, but there is a method to our madness. Calling from Beijing to New York City or Abu Dhabi to rural Saskatchewan, is by no means cheap. Skype? It’s free, which is why many of our clients conduct their interviews this way. Also, they get to see your lovely faces! With this in mind, think of your pre-screen interview with Footprints as valuable practice in using this technology. And ask us questions about it if you’re stumped or had difficulty logging in or finding our contact request. There’s no such thing as a dumb question (except the one my sister asked the other day, regarding where Himalayan salt comes from). 

If you’ve never used Skype than we suggest you practice before booking your interview with us. You can practice with a friend, a co-worker, your mother, your dog- anyone with an active Skype account. You can download Skype for free and it does pretty well everything for you. Simply follow their simple step by step instructions on how to install (hint: all you have to do is log onto and hit the, “Download Skype” button). It really is that simple. 

Once you’ve downloaded, create your account and Skype ID. We will need you to provide us your Skype ID in order to contact you. We always recommend you come online 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled interview just in case of unexpected technical difficulties. If you’ve never spoken to us through Skype before, it’s safe to say you don’t have us as a contact. This is where most candidates run into issues. We cannot see you’re online unless you approve our contact request. Our Skpe ID will usually appear as footprints-recruiting or footprints-recruiting2 and you can find all pending requests under “RECENT” beside the “CONTACTS” tab. Our request  will look a little something like this:

We want to be your contact. We want to speak with you. Don’t hit decline. Click the blue button! Once you do so, your status will be visible to us and we’ll be able to see that you’re online. Hooray, you did it! Now, be charming and wonderful. 

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