Skype was a global failure

Skype failed

Skype users complain of problems logging in and messages.

Skype users complained of failures in work Skype on the night of 20 June. The problem arose when logging into your account, sending and receiving messages.

According to the website Downdetector, the problem was fixed within a few hours, but the morning of June 20, users still complained of poor performance of the service.

Some users take advantage of the program, and then they can’t enter it. But other write, that send messages, but the sides do not see them.

Map failure:

The company acknowledged the problem and are currently studying the situation. On the causes have not yet been reported.

By the way, recently Skype changed the logo and design. Some sites suggest that the failure associated with this. New large-scale design, the company is positioned as a “new generation Skype”, it functions resembles competitors (Snapchat, Slack ).

The new interface of Skype for messenger is divided into three parts: Chat, Find, Capture. In the Find tab you can search for contacts,text messages and information, to communicate with the bots, integrated in the communication of the content of third-party platforms like YouTube or Giphy.

The familiar Chat is a user chat interface, but now with the ability to add in text or voice chat, emoticons-reactions, pictures. Capture – new Snapchat allows you to take pictures or video.

Added new feature Highlights, it allows you to post pictures or video which can then be shared with contacts.

First new Skype will receive the Android users, then within a few weeks a new design will come to iOS. The desktop version of the application update in the last turn and it is quite possible that this is being undertaken by developers.

It is important that from 1 July, Microsoft will stop servicing the old apps Skype, including Skype on your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, Windows RT and the Skype app for Windows 10 Mobile and Smart TV.

The only way to continue using Skype services for people affected by this ban is the transition to another device for which retained support service.

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