Skype Video Calling for Sony Bravia and Vizio VIA TV’s Unveiled

Recently Skype launched the iPhone Video Calling App and now they have confirmed that they’ll be launching a Skype application for the Sony Bravia and the Vizio VIA televisions too. Skype officially said on Skype official blog that they are in the process of releasing Skype Video calling on TV too, like last year they showed us the Skype-enabled Panasonic Viera at CES 2010. This year, at the CES 2011, they’ve decided to partner with Sony and Vizio, to bring Skype Video Calling to the living room.

Skype Video Calling on TV will be a really great deal, although they will only work with the Internet connected TV’s for the time being or when it’s actually launched. If you don’t have an internet connected TV you could also buy one of the Skype enabled Blu-ray players from Panasonic or Sony and webcam to enjoy video calling.

Imagine sitting on your couch and being able to video call your loved ones using the giant TV in front, the future is really getting smaller.

There has been no word about the release or launch of the Skype service for TV’s or those Blu-ray players with webcam, but we can hope that it will be by the end of this year or not. Both the TV companies and Skype are saying that they’ll be shipping Skype enabled TV’s later this year. Well, that’s a start!

What are your thoughts on Skype Video Calling for TV’s? When do you think Skype would launch it?

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