Skype Updated for Xbox One, Windows Desktop and iPhone

Microsoft this week updated the Skype client for Xbox One, Windows desktop, and iPhone. I don’t believe these updates are related to each other per se, but it’s interesting how fast the Skype clients are getting updated these days.

Skype for Xbox One 1.8

The big update of the bunch appears to be Skype for Xbox One, which jumps to version 1.8. This one adds the following new features and changes:

Photo sharing. You can now view photos sent from mobile phones. If the phone-based Skype user If there are multiple photos being shared, you can start a slide show to view all the photos.

Better snap mode. You can now see friends and family more clearly when Skype is in snap mode. The frame rate has doubled and the size of the video window has increased. Additionally, you can now answer a call in Snap mode, while using other apps, and by using voice controls. So you can be watching TV or playing a game, get a Skype call, and say “Xbox answer” to answer the call without interrupting your TV or gaming experience. And you can view your recent and favorite contacts and make calls directly from Skype in snap mode instead of having to go into the full screen Skype experience first. Finally, you will also see previews of messages you may have received while Skype is snapped, and easily go to full screen to respond.

Skype for Windows desktop

This one is a bit odd because Microsoft has never announced the update. And because the Skype for Windows desktop client does absolutely nothing to notify you of updates to the app, which I’ve always found odd. But whatever: Go to and grab the latest version, which is What’s new you ask? I have no idea, sorry.

Skype for iPhone 5.4

The latest version of Skype for iPhone adds group audio calling, which is supported via a new Call button in the bottom navigation bar in the app. Just tap that to start a call, and add up to four participants. (More will be supported in a future update.)

Group audio calling shouldn’t be confused with group video calling, a feature Skype recently made free and is rolling out across all of its supported platforms. (The Modern Windows client received this functionality back in July, for example.)

You can grab Skype for iPhone 5.4 from the App Store. (Skype for iPad is separate and is behind a bit.)

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