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Romanian Researcher discovered that Skype application store sensitive User Data Unencrypted on a local database.

A Romanian programmer 

atHackyard Security Group, Dragoş Gaftoneanu, revealed through a  blog post that the popular VOIP application Skype leaves its local database unencrypted.

Unfortunately the problem is very common, many applications, especially mobile apps, don’t encrypt application data exposing user’s information to serious risks for their privacy. 

According Gaftoneanu, all user data, including all Skype-to-Skype voice, instant messages, video and file transfers are encrypted, so it was normal to expect that also Skype’s local database is encrypted. Gaftoneanu discovered that Skype leaves users’ data, including full name, birthday, phone numbers, country, city and even full chat conversations in plain text on the systems’ hard drive in a known location.

This means that anyone accessinguser’s PC may gather application data stored always in the same location, it’s clear that cyber criminals may use them for various illicit activities.

The programmed, while he was chatting with his friend on Skype, noticed a folder in his Linux home directory that contains a database file named main.db. The expert has verified the anomalous implementation on Linux first, later it discovered same lack of encryption also on every operating system.

skype database plain text user data

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Skype, Encryption)

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