Skype Silent Install Uninstall Msi and Exe Version

In this tutorial will explain how to skype silent install msi and disable auto update

. The command will uninstall older version of Skype and install a new version. We will try with version 7.35


17/04/2017 – Include silent installation of version 7.35. Modified post for the both msi and exe version. Include silent uninstall commands.

Silent install guides for other application here: Complete List

Skype Silent Install Msi.

  • Skype exe silent install:

    • Download exe.
    • Create command line.
    • Execute script.
  • Skype msi silent install:

    • Download msi.
    • Create command line.
    • Execute script.
  • Skype disable updates
  • Silent uninstall of Skype
  • Deploying Skype with sccm.

Skype exe silent install

Download Skype exe file

Go to the application web and download Skype : Skype Offline Full!

Make sure that you downloaded lasts version of Skype. Now is v17.35.

Copy the exe to a folder on your computer. The folder name be like Skype silent install”

Create command line for silent install.

Create a text file to the folder created previously. Copy commands below and save like “Install.cmd”.

Execute command.

Run as Administrator the Install.cmd script and the Skype will be installed silently.

Skype silent install

Skype msi silent install

Download msi file.

Skype do provide a direct download link for its Skype software and the installer is packaged as an MSI file. This means that it can be easily used by IT. We are using version

Download Skype MSI from the following link : Skype MSI

Create cmd file to install Skype silently.

Open a folder on your computer and save the msi downloaded. Create text file called install.cmd and copy the following line :

Execute command.

Just Run As administrator the cmd file and Skype msi will be installed silently.

Skype disable auto update.

Copy the following command lines in the new file named “skype-disable-updates.reg”:

Or you can do manually :

  • Go to Run > type regedit.
  • Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Policies
  • Right-click on Policies then select New > Key then type “Skype”, without quotes.
  • Right-click on newly created Skype key then select New > Key then type “Phone”, without quotes.
  • Right-click on newly created Phone subkey then select New > “DWORD (32-bit) Value” then type “DisableVersionCheck”, no quotes.
  • Double-click the newly created DisableVersionCheck value and in Value data: type “1”,  no quotes.
  • Close Registry Editor.  Done!

Execute Cmd File.

Just right-click on install.cmd and run as administrator. After few seconds the install will finished.

Skype silent uninstall

Create a text file and copy the commands below and save like “uninstall.cmd”:

Check the strings before run. The path of the string are on register at:

  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\

Just run the uninstall.cmd file and skype will uninstalled silently

skype silent uninstall

Deploy Skype With SCCM

If you want you can deploy with SCCM 2012.

If you have any question about silent install skype msi, feel free to ask.

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